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XP Storage Addon is made to store the XP level inside a block with realistic, glowing liquid that is used to determine the XP level available in real-time inside the block.

The XP Storage acts like a regular Block. Cool animations, sound effects, and particles are included with the XP Storage block.

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Realtime Effect In Minecraft Vanilla

XP Storage block showcase.

XP Storage Explanation

  • Press the button to change the switch between gaining and draining.
  • when the storage is broken with XP liquid inside, it will drop less XP back [60% - 90% returned].
  • You need to be above the XP storage block and sneak in order for it to work.
  • The XP liquid and button glow in the dark.
  • Very Cool effects while gaining or draining XP.
  • Custom sound effects.
  • This Addon is 100% Compatible with any other Addons.

XP Storage explanation.




Spam the sneak button to gain or drain faster


Craft recipe for XP Storage.


For the addon to work, you will need to activate the following options:

Required options for addon.

1. Press the link below to go to 'The Brothers' official website page.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on both download buttons, the RP & BP.

3. Complete all of the advertising tasks to reach the download link.

4. After downloading both files click on them to import them into Minecraft. Then activate the files in the world settings and don't forget to activate the experimental settings shown above. Enjoy :)

You may find glitches and errors. Just leave a comment, so I do fix the issues in the upcoming updates.

Terms of Use policy

  • You are not allowed to upload/redistribute this addon to any website or application or anywhere.
  • If you make a review, gameplay, or showcase about this addon, you must put the original link (This Page, ModBay, or the-brothers.studio ).
  • The only official source to download this addon is (Official Page).
  • Do not provide the download direct link or any other links I did not provide.
  • If you want permission for something ask me on my Instagram account (My Instagram).
Download links
The Brothers Website - Download Page
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