Broken Blocks Spawn Mobs (v1.8.0)

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Point of this pack is simple, whenever any player destroys a block in the world with their hand or some tool, a randomly selected mob will spawn at the location of the destroyed block. You can adjust the pack to only spawn hostile or passive mobs if you want to. Very rarely (1/5000 chance) Ender Dragon, Wither or Warden can spawn from the broken block!


There are 3 modes available with this pack.

  • Normal - both hostile and passive mobs spawn (default)
  • Hard - only hostile mobs spawn
  • Easy - only passive mobs spawn

Normal mode is selected by default, if you want to switch the mode, open settings of the pack and select another one.

Settings in the Broken Blocks Spawn Mobs Addon

This pack works on stable MC versions of 1.20.40+.
(Older versions of the pack with compatibility for past versions of MC are on the GitHub repository page.)

This pack doesn't require any experimental gameplay options.

Reference Media

Demonstration of the Broken Blocks Spawn Mobs Addon


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This behavior pack is made by IceCraft Studio and licensed under the terms of GNU GPL v3 with The Commons Clause condition. If you wish to share this content with others, make sure to credit with link to this post!

Enjoy playing with this behavior pack! ๐Ÿ™‚


1.8.0 - No Beta APIs Patch

  • The pack no longer requires experimental gameplay option - Beta APIs!
  • Updated manifest to work in the MC version 1.20.40+.
Changelog for 1.7.0 - The Bosses Patch
  • There is now a very rare chance (1/5000) for Ender Dragon, Wither or Warden to spawn! (*only on hard or normal difficulty*)
  • Updated manifest to work in the MC version 1.20.30+.
  • Optimised some code.

Installation Guide

  1. Go to the GitHub download page and scroll down.
  2. Select the file you want from the Assets section. (.mcpack or .zip)
  3. Download it.
  4. Open/extract it depending on the file format.
  5. This pack doesn't require any experimental gameplay option.
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  1. Does it work with blocks from other addons?
    1. Yes, the pack should work with any block.
  2. No avatar image pasek
    this is greats addon .
    1. Thank you :D