Zeppelin Function Pack (Moves with Command Blocks!)

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This function pack adds a zeppelin in your world which can move in all directions. You can drive the zeppelin in both survival and creative mode! This is compatible with other addons as it uses only command blocks. Both the build and the commands was made by me.

What does this do?

This function pack adds a rideable zeppelin in you world, it stops if there is blocks on its path automatically and is also multiplayer compatible and can also move with other entities in it. The build has some chest with supplies in it as well as beddings for you to sleep at (Unfortunately if you move the ship your spawn point will be gone).

Zeppelin showcase.

Buttons for drive.

Chests: screenshot 1.

Chests: screenshot 2.


What if I modify the zeppelin?

Any modification to the zeppelin will be kept! You want to make it out of obsidian? Go ahead and it will not break (Just don't put blocks around the creation as it will consider it an obstacle and not move). Also DON'T BREAK THE REDSTONE AT THE BACK because that is the engine, if it breaks then the airship will SELF DESTRUCT.

How do I spawn the zeppelin?

Just type "/function zeppelin" in the chat and it will spawn the zeppelin. Beware as it will BREAK any blocks it is spawned at. I recommend spawning it in the air with no blocks around it.

Function zeppelin.

How do I drive the zeppelin?

In front of the zeppelin there is the pilot seat

Pilot seat.

You need to enter the scaffolding in order to be detected by the zeppelin that there is a pilot present in it. Press any buttons for the direction you would wish to go (I recommend not pressing multiple button at once as it may break). If you want to stop simply get out of the driver's seat and the airship will stop.

Pilot seat pov.

Spammed chat.

I recommend turning off command block feed back so you don't get spammed by the commands.

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