Cruiser Function Pack (Moves with Command Blocks)

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This function pack adds a sky war cruiser in the game armed with TNT cannons and fire charge machine guns. With the use of command blocks, the cruiser can move in all directions.

What does this function pack do?

This function pack allows you to spawn in a cruiser armed with Redstone weaponry, which can fly around you. It has built in collision detection, which stops the cruiser if there are blocks in its path. You can also edit anything in the ship, and it will be retained. The cruiser also has supplies with it like ammunition, ores, food and weapons.

Also, DO NOT BREAK THE REDSTONE BLOCKS BEHIND THE SHIP, the ship will self-destruct if you do that. I also suggest doing "/gamerule commandblockoutput false" and "/gamerule sendcommandfeedback false" so your chat log doesn't get spammed.

How do I spawn in the cruiser?

You can spawn in the cruiser by typing "/function cruiser". I suggest spawning the cruiser in a higher altitude with no obstacles, as it will break anything where it is spawned at and will not move if there are obstacles in the way.

The function of creating a Cruiser

In game screenshots of the build

Screenshot of the Cruiser

Screenshot of the Cruiser (second)

Screenshot of the Cruiser (inside)

Another screenshot of the Cruiser (inside)

Demonstration Video

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