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The Battleaxe Addon adds 9 new battleaxes and 10 leviathan axes to your game. Each battleaxe has atleast one ability and very high damage. Every battleaxe can be crafted in survival to help you against the creatures of darkness. Hope you like it!


Enable Holiday Creator Features and Molang Features in world settings to use this add-on.

Marked Experimental options

Permissions for ModBay:

Permission for Battleaxe Addon

All items can be obtained in creative menu or with commands /give @s sp4:item_name.

Give battle axe through the command



Iron Battle Axe

  • Damage: 20
  • Max durability: 1520
  • Effects: Resistance II & Strength II
  • Right click to activate effects

Iron Battle Axe

Recipe Iron Battle Axe:

Iron Battle Axe recipe

Frozen Battle Axe

  • Damage: 38
  • Max durability: 3489

Right click to freeze every entity within 35 blocks, or put every entity in an ice cage within 25 blocks.

Frozen Battle Axe and pigs

A block of ice

Right click to shoot a snowball.

Frozen Battle Axe and snowball

Shift + Right click to put ice on the water.

Ice on the water Shift + Right click underground to put ice on the walls

Ice underground

Recipe Frozen Battle Axe:

Frozen Battle Axe recipe

Emerald Battle Axe

  • Damage: 22
  • Max durability: 2998
  • Effects: Hero of the Village & Absorption
  • Right click to activate effects

Emerald Battle Axe

Recipe Emerald Battle Axe:

Emerald Battle Axe recipe

Diamond Battle Axe

  • Damage: 25
  • Max durability: 3325
  • Effects: Jump Boost II & Speed I
  • Right click to activate effects

Diamond Battle Axe

Recipe Diamond Battle Axe:

Diamond Battle Axe recipe

Ender Battle Axe

  • Damage: 40
  • Max durability: 3632

Right click to teleport every entity within 15 blocks up.

Shift + Right click to teleport in the direction you are looking at, and teleport entities randomly on hit.

Ender Battle Axe

Recipe Ender Battle Axe:

Ender Battle Axe recipe

Blaze Battle Axe

  • Damage: 32
  • Max durability: 3845

Right click to put every entity within 25 blocks in hell cage.

Fire cage

Right click on the ground to create a fire ring around and give fire resistence.

Fire on the ground

Recipe Blaze Battle Axe:

Recipe Blaze Battle Axe

Lightning Battle Axe

  • Damage: 28
  • Max durability: 3976

Lightning Battle Axe has the following abilities:

  • Right click to summon a lightning bolt within 6-7 blocks.
  • Will strike all entities within 35 blocks.
  • Shift + Right click to generate a lightning storm.

Lightning Battle Axe

Recipe Lightning Battle Axe:

Lightning Battle Axe recipe

Netherite Battle Axe

  • Damage: 45
  • Max durability: 4297
  • Effects: Fire Resistance, Slow Falling IV & Absorption II

Right click to throw fireball.

Netherite Battle Axe

Recipe Netherite Battle Axe:

Netherite Battle Axe recipe

Echo Battle Axe

  • Damage: 45
  • Max durability: 4520
  • Effects: Resistance II & Strength II

When you right-click (long press on mobile) it will do the Warden Sonic Boom attack to the nearest target within 15 blocks does 19 damage points.

Echo attack


Echo attack animated

Recipe Echo Battle Axe:

Echo Battle Axe recipe

Leviathan axes

  • Diamond Leviathan Axe (Damage: 15)
  • Emerald Leviathan Axe (Damage: 13)
  • Enderite Leviathan Axe (Damage: 17)
  • Gold Leviathan Axe (Damage: 10)
  • Iron Leviathan Axe (Damage: 11)
  • Lapis Leviathan Axe (Damage: 16)
  • Netherite Leviathan Axe (Damage: 15)
  • Prismarine Leviathan Axe (Damage: 12)
  • Quartz Leviathan Axe (Damage: 18)
  • Redstone Leviathan Axe (Damage: 9)

Right-click (or long press on mobile) on a tree will cut all the logs.

Diamond axe in the hand

Fallen logs

Leviathan axes

Iron Leviathan Axe recipe craft

Lapis Leviathan Axe recipe craft

Netherite Leviathan Axe recipe craft

Prismarine Leviathan Axe recipe craft

Quartz Leviathan Axe recipe craft

Redstone Leviathan Axe recipe craft

Diamond Leviathan Axe recipe craft

Emerald Leviathan Axe recipe craft

Enderite Leviathan Axe recipe craft

Gold Leviathan Axe recipe craft

Enjoy new weapons and use their powers in battle with enemies!

All axes

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Download Battleaxe Addon v1.5 BP
Download Battleaxe Addon v1.5 RP
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