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I think this is the addon that took me the longest to make. Almost 3 years in and finally completed it, the long awaited Carnage update! This new version of Carnage adds another 100 mobs into the game, most monsters have unique behaviors and their abilities range from puny to outright devastating! This new version adds a variety of new items, decorations, structures, and next time, biomes. Keep in mind that some monsters won't spawn naturally at the moment as I figure out how to make mobs who live in the void spawn. But nevertheless, this is definitely one of the addons of all time!

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Creator: CodanRaigenXXI

Permission for ModBay:

Permission for ModBay.

Requires active all experimental options.


See how much features there is in the addon:

One more video from Spyderrock


One thing to keep in mind, majority of these monsters will fight each other to the death! Why? because it's TOTAL CARNAGE!! On that note, there's too many mobs to describe in detail so here's a list of all of them instead!

Full list of mobs
  1. Undead coral
  2. Spin-jack
  3. Murmur
  4. Lost Hunter
  5. Block of Flesh
  6. Rupture Bug
  7. Whisper
  8. Rampage
  9. Pyrodactyl
  10. Discarded Sword
  11. Lava Cube
  12. Soot-hugger
  13. Jiangshi
  14. Gastric Sprout
  15. Spectre-cast
  16. Redstone Rusher
  17. Orbiter
  18. Crooked
  19. Living Mercury
  20. Obsidian Disaster
  21. Ash Walker
  22. Coldcutter
  23. Vile Rodent
  24. Bitterwhip
  25. Canker
  26. Melon-head
  27. Rags
  28. Tall Mimic
  29. Solid Phlegm
  30. Runimon
  31. Tusoch
  32. Jade Bruiser
  33. Ocula
  34. Slit-streak
  35. Bad-apple
  36. Gintoro
  37. Shivers
  38. Freon
  39. Cold-stone
  40. Polar Tyrant
  41. Bottom-feeder
  42. Gloom
  43. Lurker
  44. Razor
  45. Jailbreaker
  46. Embers
  47. Sulokh
  48. Moghes
  49. Shellcut
  50. Meltdown
  51. Crimjaw
  52. Searcher
  53. Gorge
  54. Cerebroid
  55. Clay-maul
  56. Naverin
  57. Quicksand
  58. Unsomnia
  59. Dune-rider
  60. Torrid Xeromancer
  61. Lasher
  62. Karkaros
  63. Spore-blast
  64. Long-spine
  65. Skinner
  66. Killer-stream
  67. Hermit
  68. Smiles
  69. Patch warden
  70. Torch Giant
  71. Hellifish
  72. Cyclonous
  73. Mustard
  74. Gored
  75. Guest
  76. Blood-jacket
  77. Backstar
  78. Gasher
  79. Penumbra
  80. Grand Hammer
  81. Venomite
  82. Indactma
  83. Growlim
  84. Mist wraith
  85. Wrathen
  86. Scourgeon
  87. Brimmeth
  88. Tremor
  89. Necromancer
  90. Fossil Titan
  91. Screamer
  92. Rumbler
  93. Cutter-squall
  94. Depth-gripper
  95. Vauldrum
  96. Hiveminded
  97. Geosuchus
  98. Bloodbath
  99. Graveripper
  100. Vastatos
  101. Goblin
  102. Shroombit
  103. Fictos
  104. Ramwolf
  105. Bloodshed
  106. Black Grime
  107. Gut Gel
  108. Severed
  109. Hobgoblin
  110. Vained-time
  111. Noir
  112. Cursed Tome
  113. Riptide
  114. Muckwater
  115. Rotscade
  116. Dead Vele
  117. Parakyte
  118. Phantas
  119. Gargoyle
  120. Dynamo
  121. Dead Crusader
  122. Spitblot
  123. Hollow Ent
  124. Rotten Jack
  125. Black Snowman
  126. Anvil-eater
  127. Shadow
  128. Undead Livestock
  129. Zlato
  130. Goblin Champion
  131. Blood-stained
  132. Land Leech
  133. Fire Maiden
  134. Fly Dragon
  135. Gravedigger
  136. Sgouger
  137. Rootling
  138. Lunarid
  139. Giant Scorpion
  140. Moth Mother
  141. Funghoul
  142. Shellbit
  143. Terra-terror
  144. Shroombie
  145. White Lady
  146. Dusty Paladin
  147. Shulker Warrior
  148. Cursed Armor
  149. Skulldozer
  150. Blitzir
  151. Bloodcurdle
  152. Kurozakal
  153. Solarid
  154. Dune Maiden
  155. Quakemight
  156. Cindermite
  157. Bone Eater
  158. Land Shark
  159. Scarecrow
  160. Infaminous
  161. Lustrebone
  162. Dullahan
  163. Deadhound
  164. Ivywake
  165. Torchure
  166. Abboh
  167. Land Sludge
  168. Chorupse
  169. Irican
  170. Sonaga
  171. Wood Crab
  172. Citroid
  173. Bird-brain
  174. Headless Chicken
  175. Headless Horse
  176. Mootaur
  177. Vee-Hex
  178. Stone Warrior
  179. Inferno
  180. Inigtau
  181. Cannibal
  182. Vanta-ray
  183. Studbark
  184. Grass-gulper
  185. Megapod
  186. Crude
  187. Iriditite
  188. Rockram
  189. Nullen
  190. Gravitite
  191. Hailrog
  192. Cataclashm
  193. Smogmaul
  194. Sting-face
  195. Afterburn
  196. Calyero
  197. Corpse-crawler
  198. Ringwyrm
  199. Ovex
  200. Fallen Summoner
  201. Karkaros (Bull)
  202. Karkaros (Saw)
  203. Karkaros (Mako)
  204. Karkaros (Blue)
  205. Karkaros (Hammerhead)
  206. Karkaros (Tiger)
  207. Karkaros (Goblin)
  208. Karkaros (Great White)
  209. Undead Livestock (Chicken)
  210. Undead Livestock (Cow)
  211. Undead Livestock (Pig)
  212. Undead Livestock (Sheep)


You should know a thing or two before you start fighting these things. One of these guys really really aren't messing around when it comes to it.

Vained Time

  • Attacks vary; damage depends on number struck, ranges between 5-60 seconds (5 seconds to 1 minute).
  • Attacks inflict either slowness, weakness, mining fatigue, or wither; duration ย and amplifier depends on number struck, duration ranges between 5-60 seconds (5 seconds to 1 minute) and amplifier ranges between 1-12.
  • Passively inflicts weakness and mining fatigue nearby.
  • Immune to fire, lava, wither, magic, fall, and suffocation.
  • Attacks are modular.

Vained time.


  • Strategic measures are required; there is little to no cooldown between attacks, fight at your own risk.
  • Immune to drowning, magic, wither, explosions, fire, suffocation, and freezing.
  • Strategic measures are required; contact with water will fatally damage anyone in a 20 block diameter area.
  • Attacks are modular.


Goblin Champion

  • Attacks vary; damage depends if it uses weapons.
  • Strategic measures are required; all attacks cause destruction.
  • Attacks are modular.

Goblin Champion.

Moth Mother

  • Melee by default and ranged at random times.
  • Takes heavy damage from fire and lava.
  • Summons live temporarily; moth minions last 15-30 seconds.
  • Attacks are modular.

Moth Mother.


  • Ranged by default.
  • Immune to fire.
  • Attacks are modular.
  • Strategic measures are required; Very vulnerable in closed spaces, all attacks cause great destruction.



  • Strategic measures are required; this monster inflicts fatal hunger.
  • Immune to everything.
  • Attacks inflict hunger for 40 seconds.
  • Damage dealt from vanilla food or within the add-on is based on their saturation points.
  • Attacks are modular.



  • Ground entity by default and flies when changing frequencies.
  • Immune to suffocation.
  • Attacks are modular.
  • Strategic measures are required; All attacks cause great knockback.



  • Immune to fire, suffocation, projectiles, and fall.
  • Passively gains resistance from water or rain.
  • Takes constant damage in the Nether.
  • Passively inflicts damage nearby.



  • Attacks are modular.
  • Immune to fire and knockback.
  • Takes heavy damage from explosions.
  • Damage dealt from vanilla pickaxes or within the add-on is 2 times greater.


Fallen Summoner

  • Strategic measures are required; has 3 phases and each summoned monster's difficulty will depend on the phase.
  • Attacks are modular.
  • Immune to lightning.

Fallen Summoner.

Discarded Sword

  • Has 2 phases; second phase is an enhanced version where it can summon lightning bolts.
  • Kites when attacking.

Discarded Sword.

Obsidian Disaster

  • Heals from fire.
  • Attacks are modular.
  • Strategic measures are required; contact with lava causes it to upgrade to a glowing variant.
  • Stats are increased when it upgrades to the glowing variant; attack is 2 times greater, knockback resistance is increased by 50%, and health as well as scale are 4 times greater.

Obsidian Disaster.


  • Has 2 phases; 1st phase is stationary and 2nd phase is mobile.
  • Strategic measures are required; the healers that surround the monster needs to be destroyed first.
  • Attacks are modular.


Polar Tyrant

Polar Tyrant.


  • Has 3 phases; Each phase is stronger than the last.
  • Passively inflicts debuffs; debuffs depend on phase, inflicted debuff duration is constant. Phase 1 inflicts nausea and poison. Phase 2 inflicts nausea 2, poison, weakness, and mining fatigue. Phase 3 inflicts nausea 2, fatal poison, weakness, mining fatigue 2, and slowness.
  • Strategic measures are required; Final mutation will cause great destruction.
  • Attacks are modular.


Torrid Xeromancer

  • Summons healers before combat.
  • Passively generates a sandstorm that lasts 60 seconds (1 minute) to inflict slowness for 60 seconds (1 minute).
  • Strategic measures are required; the healers that surround the monster needs to be destroyed first.
  • Summons live temporarily; scarabs last 15 seconds, twisting sands last 10 seconds, and husks last 15 seconds.
  • Drops Sceptre of Sands.

Torrid Xeromancer.

Torch Giant

  • Takes heavy damage from water or rain.
  • Passively gains resistance and regeneration health is below 50%.
  • Damage dealt from vanilla axes or within the add-on is 2 times greater.
  • Strategic measures are required; All attacks cause fire.
  • Immune to fire.
  • Attacks are modular.

Torch Giant.

Grand Hammer

  • Passively gains damage reduction; damage reduction depends on health. Gains 25% damage reduction when health is below 75%. Gains 50% damage reduction when health is below 50%. Gains 75% damage reduction when health is below 25%.
  • Attacks are modular.

Grand Hammer.

Fossil Titan

  • Strategic measures are required; there is little to no cooldown between attacks, fight at your own risk.
  • Damage dealt from vanilla pickaxes or within the add-on is 5 times greater.
  • Immune to suffocation.
  • Attacks are modular.

Fossil Titan.


  • Sizes vary; attributes depend on level. Each level is advanced after getting killed. Each level adds 4 more damage, 1 more scale, and 1000 more health. Scale is capped at 10.
  • Takes heavy damage from the void.
  • Passively immune to everything when eating and roaring.
  • Attacks are modular.
  • Strategic measures are required; All attacks cause destruction and fatal after 8.



So far we have described only two subjects, but to be continued.

Sceptre of Sands

This is a magic scepter that drops from Torrid Zeromancer.

Sceptre of Sands.

Activate it. Cooldown 25 seconds.

  • It will summon sandstorm
  • You will get the Speed IV effect for 10 seconds
  • You will get the Hunger II effect for 10 seconds
  • Who is nearby will get the Weakness III effect for 10 seconds

Sceptre of Sands demonstration.

Void Signal

A dangerous item that can destroy the area around.

Void Signal.

Set Void Signal to ground. Upgrade it using up to 10 of Null Fragment. Activate it with Nether Star. Now just see what happens:

Demonstration of Void Signal.

How to craft

The Void Signal can be created using the following craft recipe. It requires:

  • 4x Crying Obsidian
  • 2x Nullen Core
  • 1x Beacon
  • 2x Bedrock

Craft recipe for Void Signal.

Null Fragment and Nullen Core can be obtained using Antilight Fragment. Take this item in your hands and interact with the entities.

1. To get a Null Fragment, interact with Kurozakal:

How to get a Null Fragment.

2. To get a Nullen Core, interact with Nullen:

How to get a Nullen Core.

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  1. Is there a way to kill the blood-stained or are those fuckers just straight up immortal
    1. No heโ€™s immortal
  2. Is there a way to actually kill the Infaminous and the Vastatos legit in survival? Or are they just straight up unkillable?
    1. Vasastos can only die in the void Iโ€™m not sure about infamous
    2. Dino profile avatar Dino
      You can only defeat it by attacking it with food items from vanilla minecraft or the addon. I hope that I helped!