Random Structures Every Minute!

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This is a challenge add-on that will make it so every minute that passes a random structure will spawn in including overworld, nether and end structures with entities, chest and loot inside.


Permission for ModBay:

Random Structures Every Minute permission for ModBay

How to use?

Install and activate the behavior pack and make sure to have cheats enabled.

Activation of the addon (screenshot 1)

Activation of the addon (screenshot 2)

In game, the mod has to be activated using this command "/function youtube_bony162".

Activation of the addon (screenshot 3)

Once the mod has been activated you will see a timer at the bottom of your screen, once it reaches zero a random structure will spawn and the timer will reset.

Any structure in the game has a chance of spawning, including structures with chest and loot inside.

Chest with loot in structure

Nether fortress also have a chance of spawning with blaze spawners, allowing you to get blaze rods without visiting the nether.

Counter before structure generation

Generated structure

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Behavior Pack
Supported versions
1.19.50 1.18.0