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This addon is inspired by the elevator mod from the java edition. This addon adds a single elevator to your world and items that can help camouflage or design your elevator to fit the theme of your house.

Short video Demonstration:

The elevator goes up and down and can reach other elevators up to 10 blocks. Jump if you want to go up and sneak if you want to go down. Crafting the elevator block is easy.

Elevator block recipe

You can use different color of wool to craft the elevator.

To decorate or camouflage the elevators, craft the textures you want, but first you need the Table Press to craft them.

Table Press block recipe

This is an example of the texture item recipe.

For full list of ingredients that be used, visit this doc: LINK.

Texture recipe

After crafting your desired texture, right click/tap on the elevator while holding the texture item to change its texture. When breaking the elevator it will not keep its texture, keep that in mind.

I will add more texture items in the future. Comment down below the block textures you want to be added next.

Download links
Hidden Elevator For Servers Zip File (Linkvertise)
Hidden Elevator V2.4 (Linkvertise)
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