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Professional-level road and rail building for everyone! Not to mention lawn care, drilling, and concrete foundations. Just hop into your nice sparkly builder machine, and start layin' 'em down! Well, once you've fueled it with lapis, iron or gold blocks that is. These roads, rails, holes and lawns ain't cheap!

Craft your very own Road or Rail Builder, Riding Mower, or other assorted Heavy Machinery; fuel it up, and start building! Urban planning: OPTIONAL. Crazy-expensive but crazy-awesome, you'll love them.

Paving Machine, Fence Builder, Highway Machine

Fence Builder

Fence Builder

Two modes, normal oak fence and two-high iron fence.

Fence Builder recipe

Paving Machine

Paving Machine

Two modes, too. Brick and double-slab stone brick.

Paving Machine recipe

Highway Machine

Highway Machine

Very similar to the original Road Builder, except two-lane blacktop. Three modes, including wooden and grey concrete (if you think I've forgotten the third mode, you are correct).

Highway Machine recipe

Drill Miner and Cement Truck

Concrete Truck

Need a slab for your latest building project? Well, you need one of these. Fuel it with gold, iron, or lapis blocks depending on which shade of grey you would like.

The white top block is concrete powder, the dark blocks are netherite (yikes).

Drilling Machine

Drilling Machine

No need to fuel this bad boy. Hop on and start grinding your way through just about anything.

It can't be crafted due to a bug in recipes.

Riding Mower

Riding Mower recipe

How to use:

Two modes!

  1. Convert stone, gravel, concrete, sand to grass! Use iron blocks to fuel it.
  2. Replace air with grass. The perfect solution to creeper holes. Use grass fuel to fuel it. What's grass fuel?!?! It's this:

Grass Fuel recipe

  1. Bonus mode. Mow grass! Who would have thought. It will also run over flowers. Cacti too, maybe.

Riding Mower

If destroyed, it drops its spawn egg.

Rail Builder

Rail Builder recipe

Cheap! Or whatever the opposite of cheap is.

Rail Builder

How to use:

  1. You need to fuel it with iron blocks, which will get you a minute or two of rail-building.
  2. Hop in!
  3. Start building. Note that this vehicle builds best heading directly North, South, East or West - on flat ground. Attempts to build in a manner contrary to this will result in your warranty (which didn't exist in the first place) becoming void.
  4. It will lay down a powered rail (or two) every 30 blocks or so.
  5. You will get an on-screen notification when you've run out of 'fuel'.

If destroyed, it drops its spawn egg. Super portable.

Road Builder

Road Builder recipe

Expensive enough?

Road Builder (screenshot 1)

Road Builder (screenshot 2)

How to use

This machine builds using either gold, iron or lapis blocks.

  • Gold block builds wooden roads
  • Lapis block builds dark grey/white concrete roads
  • Iron block builds orange/white concrete roads

All come with sea lanterns underneath to provide lighting.

Once you have decided which road surface you would like:

  1. Hold whichever block you want to use in your hand and interact with the Road Builder (PC - right-click on the machine, mobile long-press on the machine).
  2. Hop in!
  3. Drive it wherever you would like the road to go, it will automatically drop supports (if required) to a height of around 40 blocks. Sea lanterns will be placed under the road at intervals.
  4. After 75 seconds (85 seconds for wood) you will run out of building fuel! You'll get a warning on screen, the building will stop, and the speed of the machine will drop dramatically. After six seconds, normal speed will be applied.
  5. Done! If you aren't done, go back to Step 1.

You can make tunnels with them too, anything in front of the Road Builder will be filled/replaced with air before the road is created. Note that any caves less than 40 blocks below the machine may have supports (fences) running through them.

If it is destroyed, there is a 90% change, it will drop its spawn egg.

Roads with More Heavy Machinery addon

Don't let your world end up like this mess.

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road_tractor.v7.mcaddon (linkvertise)
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1.19.0 1.18.30 1.18.10 1.18.0 1.17.0