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Pop quiz! What is (a) Fancy and (b) Furniture? If you guessed Fancy Furniture you're exactly right! Genius-level in fact. And you may download this Add-On. Actually, everyone can download it. No judgement here!

Firstly, and most importantly, we have a new salesman, Sven, who travels around birch forests with his moose selling all the latest Fancy Furniture you could ever want (at least until v4 comes out). Everyone give a warm greeting to Sven [background golf claps ensue].

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Creator: mno

Permission for ModBay:

Permission for ModBay.


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List of Furniture

This addon includes (and is limited to):

  • BBQ! Yep, time for a good old backyard barbecue out on the deck. You do have a deck, right..?
  • Beach Camp Stove! For when you get a case of the Munchies after swimming.
  • TV. Two "channels"!
  • Laptop, you can't play Minecraft on it, just yet.
  • Coffee Machine. My favorite addon to Minecraft, ever, ever, ever. Coffee is here.
  • Milkshake Maker. Three flavors of shakes!
  • Old-style Jukebox - built a tavern and need a real jukebox..? This is for you. Some great country tracks by The Caffeine Creek Band and JuliusH.
  • Outdoor speakers, loaded with awesome tunes from Patrick de Arteaga; see patrickdearteaga.com
  • Bar stools
  • Reclining lounge chairs (let's be lazy)
  • Bookshelves
  • Pedestal fans (to keep your desert houses nice and cool)
  • Office chairs (you want a red one, trust me)
  • Lamps
  • Coffee tables
  • Sets of Drawers
  • Washing machines
  • Beach umbrellas and towels
  • Sleeping bags
  • Tents
  • Beach Tents! Even better than normal tents, Withers can't bust into these.
  • Sun lounges
  • Outdoor chair

Still more to come...


And his moose! Find Sven in Birch Forests and Meadows. Bring your emeralds! You're going to need them.

Sven and his moose.

Beach Items

Most are available from your friendly local Sven. Some are also craftable.

Beach Tent

Beach tent.

Craft one like this:

Craft recipe for Beach Tent.

Place the completed tent down, and it will look like this:

Placed Beach tent block.

Interact with the box and a tent will pop up (there's a variety of colors). The arrows indicate the direction the tent will be in. Interact with the box again and the tent will pack itself up. Destroy it and it will drop its spawn egg. Easy!

Camp Stove

Crafting recipe looks a lot like this:

Craft recipe for Camp Stove.

Place it down and get ready for a feast.

Camp stove.

Place in some planks and set it ablaze with a Flint and Steel. Then interact with it to 'cook' your food. Don't forget you can shift-click (on PC) to cook the whole stack right away.

Beach Umbrella

Beach umbrella.

Place it down and interact with it to expand / contract it. Comes in a variety of colors. To craft one:

Craft recipe for Beach Umbrella.

You can chop it up and move it (it will drop its spawn egg).

Beach Towels and Sleeping Bags

Beach towel crafting recipe:

Craft recipe for Beach Towels.

Place them down and interact to sit on them.

Beach towels.

No sleeping in these sleeping bags, unfortunately. We should call them sitting bags, maybe.

Sleeping bag.

Mona Lisa

What beach trip is complete without a Mona Lisa? See if you can afford one!

Mona Lisa.

Other Special Features


Light it with a flint and steel (obviously). Put it out with a flint and steel (what?). Or wait for it to turn off itself.



Turn it on with a flint-and-steel (what?). Change the channel by interacting (two channels!). Turn it off with a flint-and-steel.


Outdoor Speaker

As with the jukebox, to move them, chop them up and they drop a spawn egg.

Outdoor speaker.

To make the speakers play music, just interact with it. To stop them, same deal, just interact with it.


To turn it on and off, just interact with it.



To make it play, you need a Good Coin! To make a Good Coin, follow the recipe below.

Once you have a Good Coin, hold it and interact with the jukebox. After a second or two the music will start. If you want to stop the music, interact while holding redstone.

If you want to move them, just chop 'em up and they will drop a spawn egg.


Milkshake Maker

Once you've made a plain milkshake (see crafting recipes below), interact with the Maker, and you can make one of three varieties:

Milkshake Maker.

They all have different effects. You'll always get at least health boost with a berry shake, jump boost and fire resistance with a honey shake, and speed with a chocolate shake.

Coffee Machine

Grab a pod (recipe below) a cup (recipe below) and a coffee machine (you'll need to find a Sven that has them in stock). You may get a variety of effects, speed at least - just like real life!

Coffee Machine.

How to brew a coffee:

How to brew a coffee.

Craft recipes

Milkshake Glass

Craft recipe for Milkshake Glass.

Plain Milkshake

First step for flavored shakes

Craft recipe for Plain Milkshake.


Craft recipe for Stool.

Coffee Table

Craft recipe for Coffee Table.

Coffee Pod

Craft recipe for Coffee Pod.

Coffee Cup

Craft recipe for Coffee Cup.

Good Coin

Craft recipe for Good Coin.

Updated on June 26

  • Added trade table to Beach Stove so it actually works now (whoops)
  • Made some minor trades to Sven to make items more readily available

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fancy_furniture_v8.mcaddon[mcaddon, 17.56 Mb]
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