Minecraft Battlegrounds (V2.1 Optimization (Plus Loot) Update)

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This addon was largely inspired by the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and will add new guns, armor and helmets, a medical gear and structures to your Minecraft world!

Minecraft Battlegrounds is a kill or be killed add-on, play with your friends and Loot Structures, Collect Weapons and take each other out!

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This addon uses the player.json file, so it may be incompatible with other addons.

Required experiments:

Required experiments for Minecraft Battlegrounds addon


The first thing you will notice when starting up a world is the structures. The structures will hold Loot Crates which you break to collect the loot inside.

The rarer the loot, the better the item!


Shed structure (screenshot 1)

Shed structure (screenshot 2)

Green Grocery

Green Grocery (screenshot 1)

Green Grocery (screenshot 2)

Green Grocery (screenshot 3)

Large House

Large House structure (screenshot 1)

Large House structure (screenshot 2)

Watch Tower

Watch Tower structure (screenshot 1)

Watch Tower structure (screenshot 2)

Watch Tower structure (screenshot 3)


New house structure

Loot Crates

Loot Crates are found within the generated Structures.

Loot Crate box

Break to open the Loot Crate and collect the items.

The Guns

5 guns are available for now, more will be added in the future!


  • Damage (on hit): 6
  • Ammo: .45 ACP

P1911 gun item


  • Damage (on hit): 6
  • Ammo: 12 Gauge Shells

DBS gun item


  • Damage (on hit): 10
  • Ammo: 5.56mm

M416 gun item


  • Damage (on hit): 9
  • Ammo: 9mm

VSS gun item


  • Damage (on hit): 5
  • Ammo: 9mm

P92 gun item

RPG 26

  • Shoots explosive shells
  • Ammo: Set of RPG Grenades

RPG 26 item

How to reload?

Make sure your gun is empty, and you have the appropriate ammo in your inventory.

Body Armor and Helmets

Inside Loot Crates, you will find Body Armor and Helmets.

Level 1:

  • Body Armor and Helmet has the same durability and Protection as Iron
  • Helmet
    • Durability: 165
    • Protection: 2
  • Body
    • Durability: 240
    • Protection: 6

Level 2:

  • Body Armor and Helmet has the same durability and Protection as Diamond
  • Helmet
    • Durability: 363
    • Protection: 3
  • Body
    • Durability: 528
    • Protection: 8

Level 3:

  • Body Armor and Helmet has the same durability and Protection as Netherite
  • Helmet
    • Durability: 407
    • Protection: 4
  • Body
    • Durability: 592
    • Protection: 10

New body armor and helmets

Ghillie Suit

Ghillie Suits can be found inside Loot Crates, use them to recieve Ghillie Armor

Ghillie Suit

Medical Gear

Medical Gear can be found inside Loot Crates, use them to heal yourself in battle.

Energy Drink

Energy Drinks will give you a three-second Regeneration boost and a ten-second Speed boost.

Screenshot of Energy Drink.


Bandages will give you a five-second Regeneration boost.

Bandages in the hand

First Aid Kit

Gives Regeneration V for a few seconds, which is useful in battles.

First Aid Kit


Throwables can be found inside Loot Crates


When activated, it creates a small but powerful explosion and creates fire.

Grenade item

Spray Paint

Place one down, step back and shoot it to make it go BOOM!

Blue and Red Spray Paint

Guns Customization

You can use the Spray Paint Cans to change the color of your guns. Just in case the default Black was a bit plain for you!

You can use Blue and Red sprays.

Gun painting recipe

New mechanics


The DBS, M416 and VSS support the possibility of aiming. Just sneak to activate the sight.

Aiming with a gun

Go Prone

Instead of sneaking, you will go prone, which basically means you lay on your front hiding from the enemy! Sneak to go prone and jump to stand back up again, if you have a gun that has a scope, sneak while prone to use it.

Go Prone feature

New Blocks

Wooden Wall

Once crafted, place it down to give you protection from any oncoming fire from other players.

Recipe example:

Wooden Wall recipe


NPC's will wander around on the lookout for you, kill them first to loot their corpse and obtain some useful items.

NPC mob

Updated on May 9

  • Prone animation has been made smoother
  • Loot tables have been adjusted

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