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There's a virus in your Minecraft world... You've probably seen a corruption mod or two before. However, this one is a whole original concept. There is nowhere safe, the Overworld, the End, the Nether. All soon to be corrupted. Check out this fun and crazy experience.

The Corruption:

The Corrupted World and the Player

The Corruption Block

The Corruption it is a parasitic block that spawns all over the world. This block over time will spread on to ANY other block except air. Even your modded blocks are not safe from this. Entities that are next to the block while spreading will disappear, the player, however, will have the corruption slowly spread on to you over time.

The Player Corruption Stages

If the player gets corrupted over 5 times, an illegal instruction will be executed (inspired by sonic pc port) and it WILL CRASH YOUR GAME, don't worry, this is intentional. Stopping this brings me to the next addition.


The bottle of corruption:

The Bottle of Corruption

This is a bottle of corruption. To obtain it, interact with a Corruption Block while holding a Glass Bottle. You can drink it, but it will only make your corruption worse.

Brewing the corruption bottle with a fermented spider eye will get you an antidote:

The Brewing Stand and Antidote Bottle

The antidote:

The Antidote

It will cure your corruption one stage per drink.

Extra Things

The Minecraft title is glitchy.

The Glitchy Minecraft Title

All of you who want a challenge, beat the game and watch the poem for a little Easter egg.



  • THIS MOD WILL CRASH YOUR GAME, this is intentional, however, if your PC will blow up after a crash, turn this off in the settings!
  • Lots of corruption blocks will lower your game's performance. This is because countless blocks are trying to spread!
  • This uses player.json, so some mods might not work with this

After installing, activate all the following experimental settings:

Required Experiments for the Villagecool's Corruption Mod

If you do not want the game to crash, then change the settings in the behavior pack:

Villagecool's Corruption Mod Settings

Updated on December 30

  • 1.20.30 hotfix, corruption should actually spread now. No other new changes.
Changelog for February 26 / Old Update
  • Updated one feature from anti crash and with crash.
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  1. D profile avatar D
    This is really a crazy mod! But I wouldn't recommend using it in your personal survival world without having a copy of it 😀

    The only question. You uploaded the file to ModBay when on MCPEDL you provided a link. If this was done mistakenly, please let us know and we will fix it ☺️
    1. It was not a mistake, I just found it simpler to upload file