MAGIS Update 1.0.3 || New Armor!!

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Ever thought that you would like to have magic powers like elements and other powers in Minecraft? I guess it's already in this addon by adding 17 magical staffs with their powers and abilities and also adding 3 new armors with unique abilities.

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If you wanna help with your language, tell me on my discord.

Crafting and Forging

Magical Crafting and Magical Forge Tables

Manufactures you need to get started:

Magical Crafting Table

Magical Crafting Table

This block is used to craft all the cores that are later used as materials for staff and armor.

Magical Crafting Table UI


Magical Crafting Table Recipe

Magical Forge

Magical Forge

This block is used to combine the cores with base staff, which will become staffs with their abilities.

Interaction with the Magical Forge Table


Magical Forge Recipe


Core Items

These materials were later combined with base staff on magical forge.

Elemental Cores

Ice Core

Used to make Ice Staff.


Ice Core Recipe

Fire Core

Used to make Fire Staff.


Fire Core Recipe

Thunder Core

Used to make Thunder Staff


Thunder Core Recipe

Earth Core

Used to make Earth Staff.


Earth Core Recipe

You can craft reinforced deepslate on crafting table.

Reinforced Deepslate Recipe

Acid Core

Used to make Acid Staff.


Acid Core Recipe

Water Core

Used to make Water Staff.


Water Core Recipe

Amethyst Core

Used to make Amethyst Staff.


Amethyst Core Recipe

Wind Core

Used to make Wind Staff.


Wind Core Recipe

Sand Core

Used to make Sand Staff.


Sand Core Recipe

Poison Core

Used to make Poison Staff.


Poison Core Recipe


  • Potion of Poison (0:45)
  • Splash Potion of Poison (0:22/0:16 Poison II)
Mob Cores

Skeleton Core

Used to make Skeleton Staff


Skeleton Core Recipe

Wither Skeleton Core

Used to make Wither Skeleton Staff.


Wither Skeleton Core Recipe

Zombie Core

Used to make Zombie Staff.


Zombie Core Recipe

Creeper Core

Used to make Creeper Staff.


Creeper Core Recipe

Piglin Core

Used to make Piglin Staff.


Piglin Core Recipe

Player Core

Used to make Player Staff.


Player Core Recipe

Explode yourself or another player with charged creeper to drop player head.

Spider Core

Used to make Spider Staff.


Spider Core Recipe

Explode the spider with charged creeper to drop spider head.

Armor Cores

Speed Core

Used to make Speed Suit.


Speed Core Recipe


  • Splash Potion of Swiftness (1:30/1:07 - Speed II).

Stealth Core

Used to make Stealth Suit.


Stealth Core Recipe


  • Splash Potion of Invisibility (8:00/6:00).

Archer Core

Used to make Archer Suit.


Archer Core Recipe


Demonstration of the Lightning Staff Ability

There are 15 different types of staff in each category according to the core that has been combined into the staff.

Base Staff

Base Staff

Base Staff

Nothing to do with this, you need to combine it with core on magical forge. Craft this staff on crafting table.


Base Staff Recipe

Elemental Staffs

Ice Staff

Ice Staff

Shoots an ice ball for 6 damage on hit and splash damage by 5 within range of 2.5 blocks.

Demonstration of the Elemental Staff Ability

Fire Staff

Fire Staff

Shoots a fireball for 6 damage on hit and spreads 3ร—3 fire.

Demonstration of the Fire Staff Ability

Thunder Staff

Thunder Staff

Summons lightning bolt within a range of 7 blocks ahead.

You need to be in a thunderstorm to make this staff.

Demonstration of the Thunder Staff Ability

Earth Staff

Earth Staff

Summons earth spikes within 5 blocks radius for 5 damage per hit.

Demonstration of the Earth Staff Ability

Acid Staff

Acid Staff

Spawns four 3ร—3 acid pools 10 blocks ahead for 5 damage per hit.

Demonstration of the Acid Staff Ability

Water Staff

Water Staff

Summons wave 6 blocks wide with 2 damages per hit.

Demonstration of the Water Staff Ability

Amethyst Staff

Amethyst Staff

Summons amethyst spikes streak 10 blocks ahead for 5 damage per hit.

Demonstration of the Amethyst Staff Ability

Wind Staff

Wind Staff

Spawns wind shockwave within 7 bloks radius for 2 damage per hit.

Demonstration of the Wind Staff Ability

Sand Staff

Sand Staff

Spawns a pile of sand balls above the mobs within 7 bloks radius for 3 damage on hit.

Demonstration of the Sand Staff Ability

Poison Staff

Poison Staff

Shoots a poison ball for 6 damage on hit and burst fatal poison for 7 seconds of effect within 3 block radius.

Demonstration of the Poison Staff Ability

Video to see more about Elemental Staffs:

Mob Staffs

Creeper Staff

Creeper Staff

Summon creepers that will help you attack monsters and blow them up.

Demonstration of the Creeper Staff Ability

Skeleton Staff

Skeleton Staff

Summon skeletons that will help you shoot monsters.

Demonstration of the Skeleton Staff Ability

Wither Skeleton Staff

Wither Skeleton Staff

Summon wither skeletons that will help you attack monsters.

Demonstration of the Wither Skeleton Staff Ability

Zombie Staff

Zombie Staff

Summon zombies that will help you attack monsters.

Demonstration of the Zombie Staff Ability

Piglin Staff

Piglin Staff

Summon piglins that will help you attack monsters.

Demonstration of the Piglin Staff Ability

Player Staff

Player Staff

Summon players that will help you attack monsters.

Demonstration of the Player Staff Ability

Spider Staff

Spider Staff

Summon spiders that will help you attack monsters.

Demonstration of the Spider Staff Ability


Stealth and Speed Suits

There are 3 new armors in this addon.

To activate armor abilities you need to equip them all to your body.

If you remove your armor your abilities will be lost.

Stealth Suit

Sneak to make you invisible for 20 seconds.

Demonstration of the Stealth Suit Ability

There are 10 bars of stealth points, points will be taken every time you use a skill, eat stealth gum to recover 5 points.

You will be visible again when you take damage or remove your armor.

Stealth Gum:

Stealth Gum Recipe

You can craft it on a crafting table.

Stealth Hood:

Stealth Hood Recipe

Stealth Cloak:

Stealth Cloak Recipe

Stealth Leggings:

Stealth Leggings Recipe

Stealth Boots:

Stealth Boots Recipe

Speed Suit

Sprint to make yourself run faster.

Demonstration of the Speed Suit Ability

Mana will decrease every time you sprint, stop sprinting to recover mana.

Your speed does not apply when you walk and swim.

You can craft it on a crafting table.

Speed Helmet:

Speed Helmet Recipe

Speed Chestplate:

Speed Chestplate Recipe

Speed Leggings:

Speed Leggings Recipe

Speed Boots:

Speed Boots Recipe

Archer Suit

Place arrows on your hotbar to shoot.

Demonstration of the Archer Suit Ability

Each shot consumes one arrow and deals 4-8 damage.

You can craft it on a crafting table.

Archer Hood:

Archer Hood Recipe

Archer Chestplate:

Archer Chestplate Recipe

Archer Leggings:

Archer Leggings Recipe

Archer Boots:

Archer Boots Recipe

Video to see more about armor:


Compatible with my Throwable Weapons+ addon. Put the Throwable Weapons+ on top:

Throwable Weapons+ and MAGIS Behavior Packs


This addon uses player.json, so it's not recommended to be combined with other addons that use player.json as well.


  • Don't provide any direct link or your mediafire link other than this ModBay link.
  • If you feature this addon on YouTube, please leave credit to me and provide the link to this ModBay page.
  • Don't take or copy anything from this addon without my permission.
  • Don't publish this addon on any page or in any application without my permission.

Hope you can understand it

You have to activate the experimental gameplay!

Updated on January 28

New Armor:

  • Archer Armor

New Items:

  • Archer Core
  • Stealth Gum

New Appearance and Mechanics:

  • Added stealth point to stealth armor
  • Added speed mana to speed armor
Changelog for October 23 / Old Update

Added 3 new mob staffs:

  • Piglin Staff
  • Player Staff
  • Spider Staff
Download links
MAGIS Resource Pack
MAGIS Behavior Pack
Supported versions
1.20.50 1.20.40
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