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Ever thought that you would like to have magic powers like elements and other powers in Minecraft? I guess it's already in this addon by adding 15 magical staffs with their powers and abilities and also adding 2 new armors with unique abilities.

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Crafting and Forging

Magical Crafting and Magical Forge tables

Manufactures you need to get started:


Core Items

These materials were later combined with base staff on magical forge.


Demonstration of the Lightning Staff Ability

There are 15 different types of staff in each category according to the core that has been combined into the staff.

Base Staff

Elemental Staffs

Video to see more about Elemental Staffs.

Mob Staffs


Stealth and Speed Suits

There are 2 new armors in this addon.

To activate armor abilities you need to equip them all to your body.

If you remove your armor your abilities will be lost.

Video to see more about armor


Compatible with my Throwable Weapons+ addon. Put the Throwable Weapons+ on top.

Throwable Weapons+ and MAGIS Behavior Packs


This addon uses player.json, so it's not recommended to be combined with other addons that use player.json as well.


  • Don't provide any direct link or your mediafire link other than this ModBay link.
  • If you feature this addon on youtube please leave credit to me and provide the link of this ModBay page.
  • Don't take and copy anything from this addon without my permission.
  • Don't publish this addon on any page and any application without my permission.

Hope you can understand it

You have to activate the experimental gameplay!

Required Experiments for the MAGIS Addon

Updated on October 23

Added 3 new mob staffs:

  • Piglin staff
  • Player staff
  • Spider staff

Download links
MAGIS Resource Pack
MAGIS Behavior Pack
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  1.  profile avatarspott908 profile avatar spott908
    Can update to 1.20.40? please
  2. ; Does it work well in version 1.20.40?
  3. Can you add a mage boss? He can use magic from all wands, everything.
  4. Dune profile avatar Dune
    Wow amazing. Does this have player.json?
    1.  profile avatarD profile avatar D
      Yea, this addon uses player.json file