Furniture o' Modern | Functional Furniture and Decorative Blocks Addon (SURVIVAL COMPATIABLE)

Thumbnail: Furniture o' Modern | Functional Furniture and Decorative Blocks Addon (SURVIVAL COMPATIABLE)

Welcome To Furniture o' Modern, Consisting of 50+ High Quality Furniture and Building Blocks with High Resolution Textures and Models. Enhance your Worlds and Survival living spaces with this Addon!

This Addon Comes With Over 50+ Different Furniture and Blocks, to play & build with!

The potential for your in-game Furniture Building Skills will now be Next Level!


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Furniture Table

This Furniture allows you to make Furniture Crates!

Furniture Crates can then be used in a stonecutter to create Furniture.

Furniture Table

All Available Modern Furniture

How to Acquire Furniture In Survival

To begin with, you will need the Furniture table.

To craft the Furniture Table, you will need the Items Shown Below.

Furniture Table Recipe

  • 5 Iron Ingots
  • 3 Wooden Slabs
  • 1 Leather

Furniture Table UI

Once inside the Furniture Table, You'll be able to make a multitude of Items. The Main Things to create Furniture are Blueprints and then Furniture Crates. The empty furniture crate and blueprint can be crafted in the crafting table.

Furniture in Stonecutter

Once you have Made your furniture crate, take it to the stonecutter to create Furniture!


Ensure ALL these Options Are Enabled!

Required Experiments

All The Code Are Available For Anyone To Use.

Use of Any Textures belonging to this pack found in others will result in a takedown of your Addon.

Permission to use my textures and sounds can be asked for via my discord: Sir_Bowiczz#6279

Updated on September 08

New Additions:

  • Added Blinds
  • Added Bathroom Mirrors
  • Added Empty Furniture Crates (For new Crafting System)

Changes and Fixes:

  • Rebranded From XLites Modern Furniture to Furniture o' Modern
  • Overhauled Furniture Table (Using the Furniture Table will now open a Trading UI, trading Empty Furniture Crates and Basic Blueprints for Room Specified Furniture Crates)
  • Furniture Table now uses Cherry Wood sounds
  • Removed Coloured Furniture Blueprints (Crafting Furniture will now be less reliant on Dye, note regular Blueprints still exist)
  • Creative Category of The Blueprint and Furniture Crates has been moved to Items
  • Regular Blueprints, Hammers and Packing Material are now craftable in the crafting table
  • Packing Material and hammers can now be crafted with Cherry and Bamboo wood
  • Compressed TV textures (this should resolve crashing problems and performance issues on low-end devices and file size!)
  • Updated Textures
Download links
Modern o' Furniture [DOWNLOAD]
Modern o' Furniture [BP]
Modern o' Furniture [RP]
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Supported versions
1.20.10 1.20.0 1.19.0