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Have you ever wanted to raise a dragon from an egg? well now you can my friend, this is my dragon addon where you can hatch dragon eggs into four different species, and then you can fly these dragons around and nurture them!

How to train your dragon?

Dragon Eggs

In order to get a dragon egg in survival mode, you will need to defeat the ender dragon (and then craft a hatchable egg with the one from the end) or find an egg in a chest, they can be found in Jungle Temples, Mineshafts, Ancient Cities, Desert Temples, Dungeons, Bastions, Nether Fortresses and End Cities

You can toggle the rate at which they spawn in chests in the pack settings, from no spawns, low spawns (default) and high spawns

Addon settings.

Hatching Eggs

When you have an egg, you can place it down in the world, to begin hatching it you must interact with it (like opening a chest) this will cause it to begin hatching, but be careful! monsters will try to attack it so you must keep your eggs safe!

After a little while your egg will produce bright particles and change colour, this means it has chosen a dragon breed it will hatch into, depending on the biome, if its unable to pick a breed in the current biome it will start shaking slightly, so watch out for that

List of dragon eggs.

All nine dragon egg types, From top left to bottom right :

sky, nether, mycelium, snow, ghost, echo, forest, fire, tide and void

Egg Hatching Spots
  • In forests, plains, lush caves and jungles eggs will become Forest Dragon Eggs
  • In oceans, beaches and rivers eggs will become Tide Dragon Eggs
  • In deserts and badlands eggs will become Fire Dragon Eggs
  • In the end, eggs will become Void Dragon Eggs
  • When above Y=255, eggs will become Sky Dragon Eggs
  • When in snowy areas, eggs will become Snow Dragon Eggs
  • When in the deep dark, eggs will become Echo Dragon Eggs
  • When in the nether, eggs will become Nether Dragon Eggs
  • When in mooshroom islands, eggs will become Mycelium Dragon Eggs
  • When below Y=-60, eggs will become Ghost Dragon Eggs

After a longer period of time, the egg will begin to rock left and right, moving slower when its health it's lower, this mean it's only a few minutes untill it hatches!

Dragon egg.

Dragon eggs do take a while to hatch, on average around 25 minutes, so make sure no monsters destroy them!

Taming dragons

When your dragon has hatched it will take quite a long time to grow up, but you can feed it cod or salmon to speed up the process, when fully grown your dragon must be tamed, so feed it more fish to earn its trust!

Newborn dragon.

Tamed dragons can fight for you like wolves, and can be sat if you interact with them while sneaking, you can also ride them, but you need a special saddle to control them!

Screenshot of dragon.

Riding dragons

You can ride any tamed dragon, but to control it requires a special saddle, the Dragon Saddle! it can be obtained in a few ways, it can be crafted with a saddle, iron and leather, it can be found in fishing, villager trading and also chest loot!

Dragon saddle.

When you have saddled your dragon you are free to move around, and if you jump up into the sky you will take off, when in the air you can control your height by where you look, looking up causes you to ascend and looking down causes you to descend, looking straight ahead causes you to float

Demonstration of flying.

That is pretty much everything, there is a few misc blocks like dragon nest blocks and dragon scales (which you get from killing dragons :( ) which help you build fun dragon structures, i hope you have fun with my addon and feel free to join my discord for help and more addon news!

Screenshot of all dragons.


Only needs Holiday Creator Features

Required experimental options.

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