Loled's Animations (Pre-release) v1.0.5 | 1.19.70+

Thumbnail: Loled's Animations (Pre-release) v1.0.5 | 1.19.70+

What is Loled's Animations?

Loled's Animations is a texture/add-on that brings new animations to the player. These animations are based on animations from Mojang studios trailers.

From the walking animation to the falling and climbing animation, all player animations have been updated to these new animations!


Here we have some screenshots of the animations, if you want to watch we have a video showing all the animations!

  • Idle Animation

Idle Animation

  • Walking and Run

Walking animation

Run animation

  • Falling and on fire animation

Falling animation

On fire animation

  • Climbing animation

Climbing animation

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Loled's Animations (Pre-release) v1.0.5
Supported versions
1.19.80 1.19.70 1.19.60
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