Lego Ninjago Addon Season 2 (legacy of the green ninja)

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This is a fun, small Ninjago Addon for Minecraft 1.19, it currently adds four different suits, weapons, and eight abilities.

Golden weapons

First, I will show you the golden weapons of spinjutsu. Each weapon posseses an ability, and gives the user absorption.

Scythe of Quakes

Changed the ability of the scythe to an earthquake ability

Scythe of Quakes

Nunchucks of lightning

Summons a bolt of lighting, made out of particles, it does 3 damage and effects daaged mobs with nasueaย 

Nunchucks of lightning

Sword of fire

Sets fire to the area in the direction the player is looking.

Sword of fire

Shurikens of ice

Places a block of ice in the direction the player is looking.

Shurikens of ice


Ninja armor:

Ninja armor suits

And that's it, this addon is small, but it does have future plans for updates.

V2 Legacy of the green Ninja

This new ninjago update adds a lot of things which i will try to go over quickly

Elemental power

First i added an ability for the golden weapons, which is true potentials, You will need to put the elemental power into the 8th slot, and use the corresponding weapon to access true potential. Then put the golden weapon into the second to last slot to turn off true potential

Screenshot of Elemental power.

Elemental blades

Second comes the elemental blades, which do more powerful attack versions of the golden weapons

Armors upgrade

Third i changed the armors up above to the ones down below

Armors upgrade.


Next is spinjutsu, spinjutsu now has an animation of spinning, and after long pressing it will do a number of things, it will teleport nearby entities to you, and damage them, while also giving you regeneration, speed, and jump boost, however while in spinjutsu you will not be able to see in the first person

The bounty

Next isย the bounty, the bounty is a flying ship in ninjago, in this addon you can acess the bounty via the ship item

The bounty.

The bounty is an edited version of the zeppelin adon made by Ptiger, and you can find it in mcpedl, the bounty has many rooms, and the ship moves by the standing in the scaffholding, in the dragon head at the front of the ship, and pressing the buttons, to move forwards, backwards, up, down, and left and right. The bounty looks kind of ugly for now, but in the future i hope to team up with Ptiger to make a good looking moving bounty

More things ive added are the soup of elements, which gives you a random elemental power, the scroll of learning spinjutsu, which gives you a spinjutsu type based on the elemental power youve gained, tea, master wu's clothes and staff, regular ninja gi, brown ninja gi, and regular ninja weapons.


Ive added two bosses so far, garmeddon, who is really fast, and the overlord who is a powerful enemey who could only be defeated by the green ninja, if you kill the overlord he will become his second form which is a giant dragon, which shoots dragon fireballs,if you try to run away from him he will give you blindess and wither, so you will be forced to fight him.

Green/gold ninja

And last but certainly not least, the green/gold ninja

The green ninja posses the green gi, and the golden gi, the green ninja has two powers, a green beam ability, and a green shield ability. The green beam does about 6 dmg, and the shield makes you invincible when held.

The golden beam ability does about 25 dmg, and odes different abilities based on which slot it is in, putting it in slot 9 it will give you the golden gi, slot 8 it will give you all the gold ninjas abilities, and slot 7 will clear all the other abilities.

Golden beam.

The green beam ability looks like this but green.

Updated on May 28

New version v2

  • Elemental powers
  • Elemental blades
  • Bosses
  • and more..

Next update

The next update after the current one you can excpect, samurai x, quests, more abilities for each element, dragons, ninjago pilot suits, ninja sesaon 1 suits redone, vehicle forms of the golden weapons, serpentine, ninjago city, the great devourerer, the stone army, underworld skeleton army, strucutres, 3d weapons and abilities, after that update i will continue through season 3 and 4.

Also make sure to look out for other dynamic studios addons like teen wolf, pocket heroes, and new ninjago updates.

Discord link: https://discord.gg/bwWdazucUB

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1.19.80 1.19.70
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