Undertale Add-on (WATERFALL UPDATE!)

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This add-on brings all the stuff you love from UNDERTALE and tries to bring them into Bedrock Minecraft! This update brings the different souls from UNDERTALE along with their own uses.

The main areas to find Undertale mobs are in the cold / ice biomes, plains, forests, caves, swamps, mangroves, and some more that base game mobs like zombies spawn at. You can also fight the Flowey boss by locating a flower forest and waiting for him to spawn, upon death he has a chance to drop a Flowey item that once crafted with a flower pot can spawn the tamable Flowey.

The progression of this addon is simple. Locate a plains biome, wait until night, so the boss can spawn, once Toriel spawns you can then kill her for a Snowdin Boss Key, once you obtain the Snowdin Boss Key locate the Riverman Trader (he spawns throughout most places in the overworld), trade with the River person to get the craftable to fight the next boss, repeat this same process once you kill that boss, repeat for the other bosses, or if you like to be more adventurous you can also find the bosses after Toriel in the overworld in their respective spawns (Papyrus in Ice or Cold biomes and Undyne in swamps or mangroves), once you get geared up after fighting the bosses you can then start getting souls!

Getting souls is simple, simply locate a fellow player, kill them, and they drop a soul! Alternatively, if you're playing single-player, you can also kill villagers to obtain souls. A full soul chart is located further down the description. Once you obtain all 6 souls (excluding DETERMINATION) you can then craft them together to forge a powerful item, which upon use turns you into the god of that world. Alternatively, you can use the six souls, vines, a drop from a boss, and a monster soul to craft the Omega Flowey boss. Omega Flowey is an endgame boss that hits very hard, I recommend bringing some allies to defeat him, he gives back the Six Souls item once you kill him, so it isn't a waste.

Anyway, I hope you have fun playing this add-on! There are a couple of secrets here and there, and I wonder if some people will find them! Okay seriously now, have fun, goodbye, and thank you for taking the time to download this add-on.

Video Showcase

More videos on YouTube here.

Music Discs

When you check out the addon, turn on music for some cool stuff!. For example the addon has 2 Music Discs with the song "Lhugueny โ€” Story Of Undertale" and "Toby Fox - Mettaton's Gameshow!". Use Creative Mode or kill Migosp to get the Story Of Undertale disc, and the Mettaton's Gameshow disc can be obtained by looking in chests in dungeons or chests in structures.

Screenshot of Music Disc

Other Screenshot of Music Disc

Determination Effect: Resistance III Obtainment Method: Villager / Killing Players Ability: Absorption 2 + Regeneration 10 Color: Red Stacking?: Yes (only able to be stacked with the six souls)
Justice Effect: Speed Obtainment Method: Villager / Killing Players Ability: None Color: Yellow Stacking?: No
Bravery Effect: Strength Obtainment Method: Villager / Killing Players Ability: None Color: Orange Stacking?: No
Patience Effect: Night vision Obtainment Method: Villager / Killing Players Ability: None Color: Cyan Stacking?: No
Integrity Effect: Jump Boost Obtainment Method: Villager / Killing Players Ability: None Color: Blue Stacking?: No
Perseverance Effect: Fire Resistance Obtainment Method: Villager / Killing Players Ability: None Color: Purple Stacking?: No
Kindness Effect: Health Boost (almost 2 rows of hearts) Obtainment Method: Villager / Killing Players Ability: Gives 10 steak upon use Color: Green Stacking?: No
The Six Souls (Can be stacked with DT Effect: All soul effects (except DT and almost 5 rows of hearts) + Resistance II Obtainment Method: All 6 souls, a netherite block, and 2 netherite ingots Ability: All previous soul abilities + RESET [Kills everything, clears all players, clears spawnpoints] Color: Green, Red, Purple, Cyan, Orange, Yellow Stacking?: Yes (Only with Determination)


Toby Fox for UNDERTALE / DELTARUNE, EliasCoptere for the Add-on Cover, Blocky for making the blocks (which are only available in creative as of now), and MistaMista for some help with making add-ons and uh being cool

Updated on November 22

This update adds the following:

  • Added Gerson shopkeeper
  • Fixed the add-on by changing the item's format versions to 1.20.40 instead of 1.16.100
  • Added new weapons
  • Added human NPCs that can be killed for souls.
Changelog for September 04 / Old Update

This update adds the following:

  • Added Waterfall monsters (spawn in swamps or mangrove biomes)
  • Added 2 new bosses
  • Added a lot more weapons and armor
  • One new pet (Tem Shop Temmie)
  • A new shop (Tem Shop Temmie)
  • Fixed bugs
Changelog for April 18 / Old Update

Updated the add-on, next update is a long way away, so I just wanted to add this mini one.

  • Soul system mini update
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