Magispeller Recreation Add-on!

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This add-on aims to recreate the Old Magispeller from the Illage & Spillage mod by Yellowbross.

Permission granted from Yellowbross :

Permission from Yellowbross

Link to original mod : https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/illage-and-spillage


Magispeller face


"A crazed Illager who has gone mad with power!"

  • Health : 500
  • Damage : Varies between each attack.

Unlike the mod, Magispeller will NOT spawn on the final wave of a Raid, since I do not plan to fully recreate any sort of other mechanics other than the Magispeller's special attacks.

Speaking of which, here are all of the attacks :

  • Fakers : Magispeller spawns in a bunch of clones, and disguises itself as one. Find the real Magispeller, and all the clones will disappear. As a clone, he can also teleport a lot, so watch out!
  • Crossbow Spin : The Magispeller will jump behind you and rapidly shoot and form a line of Arrows, these can be deadly if not avoided or blocked properly.
  • Heal : Magispeller will spin for a couple of seconds before it heals itself, a damaging forcefield is around it to protect itself from any incoming damger (NOTE : This was supossed to be Life Stealing, but at the time when I was making it, I got too lazy, so I didn't make the lifesteal feature. Instead, it gives itself regen.)
  • Dispensers : Magispeller throws a Chest, when that Chest lands, it reveals itself to be a Dispenser. The Dispenser can shoot out Illashooters, they can and will swarm you if the main source (Dispenser) isn't taken care of.
  • Fang Run : The Magispeller will raise its arms while having a glowing outline, then it spawns in a row of Evoker Fangs. Unlike normal Evokers, however, it will spam these Fangs constantly, so you better be on the run!
  • Summon : Magispeller spawns in four Vexes, deal with them before they can cause any trouble!
  • Potions : The Magispeller spins and throws Slowness IV Potions everywhere, it's best to avoid this because it will slow you down by A LOT.
  • Fireball : The Magispeller waves it's arms for a while and shoots out a Fireball. This is an opportunity to deal extra damage.
  • Ravager : The Magispeller spins while floating into the air, then creates a Ravager illusion called the "Crashager". After the Crashager roars, it will proceed to ram at you and explode. If you can't run or block in time, then prepare to meet your fate!

Updated on June 6

  • Slightly buffed Magispeller
  • Fixed the file for the download (hopefully)
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