VeinMiner & TreeCapitator Add-On 1.20.31

Thumbnail: VeinMiner & TreeCapitator Add-On 1.20.31

With this add-on, you'll no longer have to waste time breaking ores one by one while mining. With just one swing of your pickaxe, all the surrounding ores will break automatically, saving you precious time and effort while also allowing you to collect valuable items and XP more efficiently.

How to use the Add-On?

Before others arrive, make sure you have enough levels to enchant your pickaxe. Once you do, simply type '!enchant 1 or 2' in the chat to upgrade your pickaxe for even more efficient mining. Then, while holding any type of pickaxe, axe or shovel and crouching, break a single ore block to trigger a chain reaction that will break all the surrounding ore blocks.

Things you have to know:

  • The "VeinMiner" will work with all ore types and gravel.
  • The "TreeCapitator" will work with all log types.
  • The VeinMiner & TreeCapitator will not work if you are not crouching.
  • The "efficiency" and "fortune" enchantments will not work when using the ability.


Credits to WavePlayz#7915 for helping:

WavePlayz#7915 Permission

Screenshots of some mineral blocks that I broke, before and after.

VeinMiner & TreeCapitator Addon (Screenshot 1)

VeinMiner & TreeCapitator Addon (Screenshot 2)

VeinMiner & TreeCapitator Addon (Screenshot 3)

VeinMiner & TreeCapitator Addon (Screenshot 4)

VeinMiner & TreeCapitator Addon (Screenshot 5)

Don't forget to sneak and to enchant the item!!

Screenshot from the Addon

10 Levels needed to upgrade

Command to Enchant with Level 1


20 Levels needed

Command to Enchant with Level 2

What you need to activate

  • Activate behavior pack in your world settings.
  • Activate the option "Beta APIs" for the correct functioning of the addon.

Required Experiments for VeinMiner & TreeCapitator Addon

Updated on September 30

  • Updated it to 1.20.31
  • Fixed bugs
  • Added cherry log to TreeCapitator
  • Removed redstone_ore and deepsalte_redstone_ore from VeinMiner (because it's buggy)
Changelog for July 11 / Old Update
  • Updated it to 1.20.10
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