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Do you think that there is not enough content around Alchemy and potions in Minecraft? Well, that what I was thinking too!

Alchemy and Sorcery add over +50 potions, 3 new kind of consumable, 4 new stations and many ingredients and creature!

THIS MOD DOES NOT USE PLAYER.JSON : Use it with many others on your adventure! :)

Crafting Stations


Currently, this add-on adds 4 crafting stations :

The Alchimist Cauldron : Used to create BREWS and fill FLACONS and FLASKS, it can also be used to create decoration blocks :

Ingredients :

x5 Iron Ingots

x2 sticks

x1 Blaze Powder

Alchimist Cauldron recipe

Mortar and Pestle: Used to create new INGREDIENTS for alchemy, it also DOUBLE the amount of powder you can create, such as bone powder, blaze powder, etc...


x3 Iron Ingots

x1 Stick

x1 Flint

Mortar and Pestle recipe

Necromancer Table:Used to create MINIONS which will help you in many ways!


x1 Necromancer Altar

x1 Red Carpet

x2 Shadow Essence

Necromancer Table recipe

Brewing Station: Used to upgrade BREWS and give them MODIFICATORS!

Ingredients :

x4 Gold Ingot

x4 Echo Shard

x1 Book

Brewing Station recipe



Flacons are a new type of consumable in this Add-on : It provides the effect of a potion faster, so you can use it during a fight! The duration of the effect is reduced, but the potion is divided into 3 Flacons (And it can also be stacked by 9 !) !

Using the Flacon

Empty Flacon

Ingredients :

x3 Glass Blocks

x1 Flint

Empty Flacon recipe

In order to fill a Flacon, you will need 3 Flacons and a potion you would like to divide into 3, then do the following craft in an Alchemist Cauldron :

Ingredients :

x3 Empty Flacons

x1 Potion

Filled Flacons recipe

New Potions


Iron Skin Potion : Give Resistance

Ingredients : x1 Iron Powder

Brewing of the Iron Skin Potion

Miner's potion : Give Haste

Ingredients : x1 Gold Powder

Brewing of the Miner's potion

Potion of Implosion : Knock backs enemies around you, it can also be used to propulse you !

Ingredients : x1 TNT

Brewing of the Potion of Implosion

Panic Potion : Give Speed III, but give Weakness III

Ingredient : x1 Bottled Soul

Brewing of the Panic Potion

Raid Potion : Give Bad Omen

Ingredient : x1 Crossbow

Brewing of the Raid Potion

Trader's Potion : Give Hero of the Village

Ingredient : x1 Emerald Powder

Brewing of the Trader's Potion

Potion of Nightmare : Give Blindness to every mob around you

Ingredient : x1 Ink Sac

Brewing of the Potion of Nightmare

Potion of Knowledge : Give 1 Level

Ingredient : x1 Bottle o' Enchanting

Brewing of the Potion of Knowledge

Potion of Peace : Everyone around you (And yourself) cannot hit each other

Ingredient : x1 Feather

Brewing of the Potion of Peace

Potion of Spike : Spikes will fall on your ennemies

Ingredient : x1 Dripstone Block

Brewing of the Potion of Spike

Potion of Teleportation : Teleport you 10 blocks in the direction you are looking

Ingredient : x1 Echo Shard

Brewing of the Potion of Teleportation

Potion of Warp : Teleport you at a random block around you, it can also be used to avoid fall damage

Ingredient : x1 Ender Pearl

Brewing of the Potion of Warp

Splash Potion of Fire : Spread Fire on impact

Ingredient : x1 Fire Essence

Brewing of the Splash Potion of Fire

Splash Potion of Confusion : Shake screen of players on impact

Ingredient : x1 Shadow Essence

Brewing of the Splash Potion of Confusion

Brews and Modificators


Brews are an upper version of potions : Their recipe is more complex than Potions and their effects are much stronger and complex ! In order to craft them, you will need an Alchemist Cauldron !

Storm Brew : Summons lightning on your enemies

Ingredients :

x1 Lightning Rod

x2 Copper Blocks

x1 Water Bottle

Storm Brew recipe

Collector Brew : Bring surrounding items to you

Ingredients :

x1 Chest

x2 Ender Pearl

Collector Brew recipe

Holy Brew : Clears negative effects

Ingredients :

x1 Gold Powder

x2 Bucket of Milk

Holy Brew recipe

Medusa Brew : Paralyze your enemies with fear

Ingredients :

x1 Eye of Ender

x2 Stone

Medusa Brew recipe

Life Brew : Health Boost II (5:00)

Ingredients :

x1 Golden Apple

x2 Gold Powder

Life Brew recipe

Gills Brew : Conduit Power (5:00)

Ingredients :

x1 Tropical Fish

x1 Nautilus Shell

x1 Prismarine Crystals

Gills Brew recipe

Furnace Brew : Heat every items in your hand (YOU WILL NEED TO DIVIDE THEM ONE BY ONE IF YOU WANT THEM TO HEAT) (3:00)

Ingredients :

x1 Blaze Powder

x1 Block of Coal

x1 Magma Cream

Furnace Brew recipe

Random Brew : Give 3 Random effect at level 3 (3:00)

Ingredients :

x1 Magma Cream

x1 Pufferfish

x1 Spider Eye

Random Brew recipe

Recall Brew : Will teleport you to your spawnpoint with your item, but you will lose your XP

Ingredients :

x1 Ender Pearl

x1 Bottled Soul

x1 Chest

Recall Brew recipe

Shield Brew : Arrows shot around you will break, strong arrows can touch you ! (3:00)

Ingredients :

x2 Iron Powder

x1 Shield

Shield Brew recipe

Warden Brew : Allow you to scream like a Warden and to make a lot of damage !

Ingredients :

x2 Echo Shards

x1 Sculk Catalyst

Warden Brew recipe


Brew Modificators can be created at a Brewing Station : You have the choice to use x4 Redstone Block or x4 Glowstone in order to increase their power : You can only choose one, so choose wisely !


Range + / Items around you will follow you (3:00)


Time + / Water heal your wounds (5:00)


Time + / Power +


Range + / Time +, Range -


Range + / Multiples Lightnings, Range -



Flasks are a new way to gain space in your inventory : You can fill it with 6 potions and drink it multiple time ! However, you can only fill it with potion of level 1 in an Alchemist Cauldron

Empty Flask

Ingredients :

x4 Leather

x1 Copper Ingot

Empty Flask recipe


Ingredients :

x1 Empty Flask

x6 Potions

Flask recipe




Lost Soul

You can find it at night in forest, it is very sensitive so it will escape if it see a player

You can catch a LOST SOUL if you interact with it with an empty bottle in order to create a BOTTLED SOUL


Necromancer Wizard

Those pillager learnt how to revive undead in order to attack players !

On death, he can drop SHADOW ESSENCE


Skeleton Servitor


Candle Wizard

They attack with fireball and summon Candle Skeleton

On death, he can drop FIRE ESSENCE





These new ingredients can be used as ingredients in order to create many items and potions from this add-on

Iron Powder

Ingredients :

x4 Raw Irons

Iron Powder recipe

Gold Powder

Ingredients :

x4 Raw Gold

Gold Powder recipe

Emerald Powder

Ingredients :

x4 Emerald

Emerald Powder recipe



Summon MINIONS to help you thanks to the power of ESSENCE! You will need to craft a Necromancer Station to create them!


Candle Golem

Ingredients :

x4 Honeycombs

x4 Fire Essence

x1 Amethyst Shard

Once he has been created, you will need to give him a BOTTLED SOUL to make him follow you, he will light your way and follow you!


Skeleton Servitor

Ingredients :

x4 Bones

x4 Shadow Essence

x1 Amethyst Shard

Once he has been created, you will have to give him a BOTTLED SOUL to make him follow you, he will fight for you and follow you!

On death, all MINIONSwill need another BOTTLED SOUL, so you don't have to recreate a body!

DISCORD : https://discord.gg/zu5v6J2a74

That's all for now! But I will update this addon frequently to add new mechanics and items, so stay tuned! Thank you for reading!

If you present this mod in a video, please put the link to this ModBay page! :)

You have to enable every experimental features for this addon to work correctly !

Required experiments for Alchemy And Sorcery addon

Updated on June 22


  • New Potions and Brews
  • Introduced Necromancia and Brewing Station
  • Added Necromancer Wizard, Candle Wizard, Candleleton, Candle Golem and Skeleton Servitor
  • Nerfed Flacons
  • Added FLASKS
  • Added the Discord
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Alchemy And Sorcery : Alchimist Update RP
Alchemy And Sorcery : Alchimist Update BP
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