Alchemy And Sorcery : Potion Expansion

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Do you think that there is not enough content around Alchemy and potions in Minecraft? Well, that what I was thinking too!

Alchemy and Sorcery add over +50 potions, 3 new kind of consumable, 4 new stations and many ingredients and creature!

THIS MOD DOES NOT USE PLAYER.JSON : Use it with many others on your adventure! :)

DISCORD : https://discord.gg/zu5v6J2a74

That's all for now! But I will update this addon frequently to add new mechanics and items, so stay tuned! Thank you for reading!

If you present this mod in a video, please put the link to this ModBay page! :)

You have to enable every experimental features for this addon to work correctly !

Required experiments for Alchemy And Sorcery addon

Updated on June 22


  • New Potions and Brews
  • Introduced Necromancia and Brewing Station
  • Added Necromancer Wizard, Candle Wizard, Candleleton, Candle Golem and Skeleton Servitor
  • Nerfed Flacons
  • Added FLASKS
  • Added the Discord
Download links
Alchemy And Sorcery : Alchimist Update RP
Alchemy And Sorcery : Alchimist Update BP
Supported versions
1.20.0 1.19.0
  1.  profile avatarSabiour profile avatar Sabiour
    Is this compatible with other addons
    1.  profile avatarD profile avatar D
      This addon uses a player.json file, so may be incompatible with other addons
      1.  profile avatarSPOOKexe profile avatar SPOOKexe
        The player.json file is unused, just automatically created by bridge :)