Elingo's End Update Add-on (Updated Textures & Items!) (1.20.20+)

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This addon turns the empty End dimension into a purple forest. This addon also adds a new ore to the End dimension called enderite, which can be used to craft armor and tools that are stronger and have more durability then netherite.


Let's begin, to get started you'll need at least a diamond pickaxe to mine the Enderite Ore. When mined, the Enderite Ore will drop Raw Enderite, that has to be smelted to get one Enderite Ingot.

Enderite Ore in the End

You can also find Diamond Ore and Iron Ore.

Diamond and Iron Ore in the End

Fruits and Berries

The End Berry Bushes spawn randomly around the place and can only be farmed using Enderite Shears.

End Berry Bush

End Fruits can be found hanging from End Trees, here are the different stages.

End Fruit Stages


Here are some of the structures I made for now:

End Well

End Well Structure

End Ruin

End Ruin Structure

End House

End House Structure

Stripped End Logs

You can also get stripped end logs by right-clicking the logs with any axe.

Getting Stripped End Logs

Crying End Tree

Crying End Tree

End Tear

It can only drop from Crying End Leaves.

End Tear

End Fruit Soup

End Fruit Soup Recipe

Cracked End Bricks

Cracked End Bricks Recipe

Polished End Stone

Polished End Stone Recipe

Polished End Stone Slabs

Polished End Stone Slabs Recipe

Polished End Stone Stairs

Polished End Stone Stairs Recipe

Mossy End Bricks

Mossy End Bricks Recipe

Mossy End Brick Slab

Mossy End Brick Slab Recipe

Mossy End Brick Stairs

Mossy End Brick Stairs Recipe

End Planks

End Planks Recipe

End Wood Slabs

End Wood Slabs Recipe

End Wood Stairs

End Wood Stairs Recipe

End Door

End Door Recipe

End Trapdoor

End Trapdoor Recipe

You can also create farms and paths on the End Grass block.

Paths on the End Grass Blocks

Farm in the End

Enderite Shears

Enderite Shears Recipe

All New Ores in This Addon:

  • Enderite Ore
  • End Diamond Ore
  • End Iron Ore

Enderite, End Diamond and End Iron Ores

Recipes for All the Tools, Armors and More

Enderite Sword

Enderite Sword Recipe

Enderite Pickaxe

Enderite Pickaxe Recipe

Enderite Axe

Enderite Axe Recipe

Enderite Shovel

Enderite Shovel Recipe

Enderite Hoe

Enderite Hoe Recipe

Enderite Helmet

Enderite Helmet Recipe

Enderite Chestplate

Enderite Chestplate Recipe

Enderite Leggings

Enderite Leggings Recipe

Enderite Boots

Enderite Boots Recipe

Enderite Block

Enderite Block Recipe

Enderite Nuggets

Enderite Nuggets Recipe

Enderite Ingot

Enderite Ingot Recipe (Variant 1)

Enderite Ingot Recipe (Variant 2)


Here are some extra nice looking screenshots of the addon.

Elingo's End Update Addon (Screenshot 1)

Elingo's End Update Addon (Screenshot 2)

Elingo's End Update Addon (Screenshot 3)

Elingo's End Update Addon (Screenshot 4)

I would love to see some feedback about things that I could add or change.

Updated on October 05

  • Updated the texture of the End Fruit Block
  • Updated the texture of the End Planks
  • Updated the texture of the End Grass Block
  • Updated the texture of the End Path Block
  • Updated the texture of the Mossy End Bricks
  • Fixed the End Ore generation
  • Fixed the Dirt block
  • Fixed the End Grass block
  • Fixed the Enderite items
  • Adjusted the End Fruit
Changelog for August 28 / Old Update
  • Added fallen trees in the End
  • Removed the Pebbles
  • Removed the Darkium material
  • Updated the terrain
  • Updated the End Tear texture
  • Updated the End Fruit texture
  • Fixed the End Door
  • Fixed the End Berries Bush
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