The Better Seas Fish Addon {Experimental Build}

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This Addon adds 40+ ultra-realistic animated fish from Sharks to Rays to different kinds of Fish! This is a project where the oceans, rivers and swamps come alive! Animals in great detail!ย Welcome to the Better Seas Fish Public Beta!

There is plenty of life in the oceans in this addon! Most fish spawn natural, but some fish are still experimental! You could find all fishy's in your creative inventory too (Please don't mind the unfinished parts, lol)! The fish are super detailed and have very smooth animations! Most fish have super realistic behaviors as well! All fish interact with each other just like a real ocean ecosystem! Let's watch a documentary!


Amazing new video showcase by SmithyMC:

Come discover the mystery of the ocean with SmithyMC:

How to install

Delete the older version, before installing the new one! Versions don't stack!

After install, activate it in your Minecraft world and the fish will become available! The oceans will be more interesting now!


Screenshot 1.

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Screenshot 9.

Cookie Cutter Shark

Two Mobula

Motoro Stingray

Tiger Stingray

Bowhead Guitar Shark

Wolf Fish

Mobula Ray


This is an unfinished experimental addon build, but I chose to publish it early because we have some development difficulties! The content in this addon was much requested! So, we decided to finally share the addon! Please don't mind the unfinished parts! We might not be able to complete this addon! But I, personally, want to make people happy! I really hope people will enjoy this addon, although it's experimental! I hope you understand making decisions could be really difficult!


Thanks to the great designers: Dinoking2021, Lucasgh and Miguel for making the amazing models, textures and some animations!

Thanks to SmithyMC for making Brilliant video showcases for the addon!

Visit my YouTube channel (DolphinMasterMB) for convenient tutorials about my content and many previews of new features getting announced: https://youtube.com/@DolphinMasterMB

Updated on July 9

  • I added a new, very detailed video showcase by SmithyMC to give a convenient impression of the available fishes in the addon!


Download links
The Better Seas Fish Addon (zip)[zip, 1.57 Mb]
The Better Seas Fish Addon (mcaddon)[mcaddon, 1.56 Mb]
Supported versions
1.20.0 1.19.80
6 108
  1.  profile avatarRT60 profile avatar RT60
    downloaded the mcaddon file and it was a .mcaddon.zip file it was easy i just had to delete the .zip extension
  2. Ya i have a permision for you to i give link bsf ir betterseafish in my video oo
  3.  profile avatarFishlover profile avatar Fishlover
    Can't open this on my Samsung A8 tablet. Don't know how to with out mc not recognizing the pack saying unknown descripttion
  4. Hi Admin D, Could you maybe please add a mcaddon file version of the addon and make the videos visibly available on the page? Cheers! ; )
    1. Thank you very much Admin D! You are amazing! Cheers! ; )
    2.  profile avatarD profile avatar D
      Hi, done ๐Ÿค—