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Did you feel that something was missing from your world, something like I don't know... cosmetics? of course! Welcome to Cosmetics Plus, an addon with a wide variety of cosmetics to dress up and have fun with your friends or decorate your survival and creative worlds! or probably realms? enjoy this beta release and stay tuned for upcoming updates for more cosmetics

Note: This addon adds only helmets/hats and chestplates/suits at the moment

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All Cosmetics

Hats: screenshot 1.

Hats: screenshot 2.

Hats: screenshot 3.

Hats: screenshot 4.

Hats: screenshot 5.

Hats: screenshot 6.

Hats: screenshot 7.

All Items & More

Showcase screenshot beta 1.

All Hats

  • Mario Cap
  • Mcdonalds Cap
  • Blue/Yellow/Green/White/Red Cap
  • Blue/Yellow/Green/White/Red/Pink Beret
  • Blue/Yellow/Green/White/Red Headphones
  • Blue/Yellow/Green/White/Red Bucket hats
  • Top Hat and fedora
  • White top hat and fedora
  • Paper Bag hat
  • Dave Hat
  • Cinnamoroll Hat
  • Frog Bucket Hat
  • Dectective Cap
  • Captain Cap
  • Jotaro hat
  • Chicken hat
  • TV Head
  • Glasses

Suits / Chestplates

  • Alien Suit
  • Bulletproof Vest

Custom Armor Stand

  • Dummy (Can be rotated with an item)

Preview video

Make sure you have these experimental options enabled in your world to avoid bugs and performance issues!

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cosmetics-plus.mcaddon[mcaddon, 233.9 Kb]
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Supported versions
1.20.0 1.19.80 1.19.0 1.18.0