DyingDayZ Apocalypse 1.3 Attachment & Bugfixes

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The Dying DayZ Apocalypse addon adds a zombie apocalypse to your Minecraft world. Infected, vehicles, guns, armor, structures and much more. Survival will become more difficult but more interesting.


This post will be updated during the addon being updated too, you can see the changelog at the bottom of this post to see whats changed and added

Whats New?

1.2 has been passed (optimized version) and now we're on 1.3 update, on this update there are many optimalization performance to make it more support on low-mid device, some multiplayer bugfixes, balanced entity spawn for less lag game proccess, and make your survival a few easier than before. Also, new gun and almost every gun were remodeled and upgraded into mid-poly, you can also customize it with various attachment like suppressor, m203, scope, and more (only for full) version) some new recipe vehicle and now you can call air support (heli backup). SO LETS EXPLAIN IT OUT! Player now has 40 Health (Full Version)

Improved entity spawn

Improved entity spawn.

All Infected except Crawler now didnt spawn massively and only spawn on grass dirt snow and sand. Reduced over 80% spawn rate of kamikazeWitch, Bandit now spawn only at night and midnight. (The Deer is not from my addon)


This addon have a thirst bar that used text/actionbar title, if you want to disable it (the actionbar text) use "/tag @s add cd" to disable it for a few seconds no need to remove that tag cuz it will automaticly removed or you can use "/tag @a add no" to disable the text permanently until you remove "no" tag This ui bar is a template from dakonblackrose and not mine. Credit will put at bottom of this post.

Thrist bar.

Once your thrist bar reach only half bar, you will get a massage "you're thirsty get some drink" and if you let till your thirst bar empty, you will get nausea, blindness, and hunger effect, this wont stop untill you drink some water.. you can found drink on structure's loot blocks like mineral water, coke, beer, and energy drink, each drink gives unique effect after drink.


Biome: screenshot 1.

Biome: screenshot 2.

The Wasteland biome replaced desert biome and turn it into dirt dead surface with black ash as a polution, there are some creature that only spawn in this biome thay will be described below.

Biome: screenshot 3.


In this post apocalyptic world you have to arms yourselves in order to survives, down are description of all guns.

Weapons: screenshot 1.

Weapons: screenshot 2.

Weapons: screenshot 3.

If you use full version (with attachment dlc) there are 6 custom attachment: Holographic Scope, Tactical Scope (with canted sight), foregrip, laser, and M203 grenade launcher. to use attachment, place the attachment on your off-hand slot while holding the gun, to remove it, put your gun on your off-hand slot, it will remove attachment automatically.

Weapons: screenshot 4.

  • Holographic sight : Gives you 2x zoom
  • Tactical Sight : Gives you 4x and 2x zoom sneak then sneak again to change mode
  • Foregrip : Remove recoil shake of your gun
  • Laser : Increase accuracy
  • M203 : Grenade launcher, to use put grenade bullet onto your off hand slot then sneak to reload it, once reloaded, sneak to shoot that grenade launcher.

You can get that attachment by trading with hazmat officer to get attachment box using food and scrap because money is no longer exist.



This pistol deals high damage and low fire rates, have 8 rounds/mag, perfect for you to clean your way through infected.

  • Damage : 20
  • Bullet : 8
  • Inspect Animation : No

Deagle demonstration.


A common weapon that deals enough damage to help you to make your way through infected 

  • Damage : 12
  • Bullets : 12
  • Inspect Animation : No

Glock demonstration.


3. HK G36C

I like this one so much.. this gun looks sexy on tpp for me:) Only obtainable by buying it from hazmat soldier (entity) that only be found at desert (wasteland) biome.

  • Damage :18
  • Bullet : 30
  • Attachment : Laser, M203, Tactical Scope, Holographic Scope, & Suppressor
  • Inspect Animation : Yes

HK G36C demonstration.

4. HK417

Rifle that have highest damage on this addon but low ammo, and also high recoil too.

  • Damage : 22
  • Bullet : 25
  • Attachment : Foregrip, M203, Laser, Tactical Scope, Holographic Scope, & Suppressor.
  • Inspect Animation : 2 (loaded & not)

HK417 demonstration.

5. AUG A3 

This rifle have the lowest recoil in this addon, good to wipe out infected too.. also a flashlight added on this gun. best used at night time.

  • Damage : 18
  • Bullet : 30
  • Attachment : Tactical Scope, Holographic Scope, Flashlight, & Suppressor
  • Inspect Animation : Yes

AUG A3: screenshot 1.

AUG A3: screenshot 2.


6. Striker-12

The only shotgun in this addon very low fire rate but good damage.. only for this gun, you have to sneak while holding the gauge shells in your off-hand then hold/use the item to reload 1 by 1 Maybe i will add more shotgun in the next update.

  • Damage : 25
  • Bullet : 12
  • Inspect Animation : No

Demonstration of Striker-12.

7. M1014

This only obtained on full version, and this shotgun is only effective on short range because the bullet spreaded.

  • Damage : 25
  • Ammo : 8 (Shotgun Reload/Manually by placing shells in off hand)
  • Attachment : Holographic Scope, Tactical Scope
  • Inspect Animation : Yes

Demonstration of M1014.


8. Vector

First gun that has been made in this addon, this gun is underated:v but still more usefull than glock..

  • Damage : 15
  • Bullet : 30
  • Inspect Animation : No

Demonstration of Vector.

9. UMP 45

New SMG on DyingDayZ, same like Vector Gen2 but can use attachment

  • Damage : 12
  • Ammo : 25
  • Attachment : Holographic Scope, Tactical Scope, Foregrip, Laser, & Suppresor
  • Inspect Animation : Yes

Demonstration of UMP 45.


10. Tactile

A hunter sniper rifle that deals massive damage, recomended to fight special infected from far away Now fixed the scope

  • Damage : 50
  • Bullet : 8 (single shot)
  • Inspect Animation : NO

Tactile: screenshot 1.

Tactile: screenshot 2.

11. Barret M82

Semi Automatic Sniper that deals massive damage when hit

  • Damage : 55
  • Ammo : 8
  • Attachment : -
  • Inspect animation : No

Barret M82: screenshot 1.

Barret M82: screenshot 2.


12. Minigun

Heavy gun that shoot massive bullet and deals great damage in a row, you can easily fight special zombies with this gun and wiped out all small infected.

  • Damage : 25
  • Bullet : 250
  • Inspect Animation : OF COURSE NO!

Only for this gun, you have to craft it by placing ammo box and empty minigun for reload.. there is no reload animation.

Minigun demonstration.


For now, there are only 3 throwable item, more throwable like a molotov is coming soon

1. Grenade

Explode after 3 second touching grass


2. Smoke

Perfect to blend other players and make Witch (infected) scare

Smoke demonstration.

3. Flashbang

Explode and caused very loud and annoying sound after 3-4 sec on the ground, give all entity in radius 8 block blind and slowness effect for 6 second, also work on all entity, perfect for you who buying time to escape from infected or other player in multiplayer.

Flashbang: screenshot 1.

Flashbang: screenshot 2.


All melee weapon (i promise on the next 1.4 update i will make all of this 3D)

Battle axe

  • Damage : 12

Battle axe


  • Damage : 10


Baseball Bat

  • Damage : 5

Baseball Bat


No picture sorry

Just same like simple warfare 2 military knife and dealt 10 damage

Armor set

Tactical Armor Set

Tactical Armor Set

Soldier Armor Set

Soldier Armor Set

Hazmat Suit

Protect you from radiation effect but not strong as other armor

Hazmat Suit

You will hear mask brrath sound when wear this helmet

Vest and Spetnaz Helmet

Vest and Spetnaz Helmet

Basic Vest and Helmet

Lowest armor point

Basic Vest and Helmet

Advanced Armor

Advanced armor: screenshot 1.

Advanced armor: screenshot 2.

Now this is the strongest and rarest armor in this addon, you can also activate the night vision by put it on craft 2x2 grid

Advanced armor: screenshot 3.

Also armor now render in fpp

Advanced armor: screenshot 4.

Advanced armor: screenshot 5.


Now for the entity description, im not descripting so detail like animation such a skill animation, reload animation and more, you can find it by yourself by trying this addon on your own world. And all vanilla minecraft entity were removed to make this addon more apocalyptic + we have a fog so better keep your eye from entity behind the fog.

Infected & Civiliant

A normal infected that spawn from the ground just like someone waking up from a grave, they can also eat and infect dead civiliant and turn it become one of them

Infected NPCs

Civiliant NPC

A zombie eats a corpse

You can also trade with civiliant for usefull item for your survival Money is now removed and change the trade item into scrap and food.

Trade with civiliant.

You can also sometimes find civiliant wearing armor.. they are civiliant who fight back infected but stay away from special infectwd cuz they know they cant win with them

  • Health : 25 (both)
  • Spawn : Overworld

Civiliant with armor: screenshot 1.

Civiliant with armor: screenshot 2.

2. Deer

The only animal who life in this apocalypse world, (i will add more animals more) it will drop venison raw meat once killed and you can cook the venison into cooked venison, dont try to eat raw venison too much or you can get hunger and nausea effect.

Deer animal

He will run once he saw human so you may hunt him using weapon, and carefull even infected will try to eat his meat too

Infected eat Deer

  • Health : 30
  • Spawn : Overworld (execpt desert/wasteland)
  • Drop : venison and leather

Kamikaze (Special Infected)

There are 3 types of kamikaze this giant infected has high health point and drop skull before explodes that you can trade it with civiliant to earn money.

Normal Kamikaze

When he is on low health his barrel will set on fire and try to catch you before explode, carefull cuz he more fast when his barrel start to explode.

Normal Kamikaze

Chemical Kamikaze

Same like normal kamikaze but this one have chemical barrel which is spread radiation effect after explode.. he will spread green radiation smoke when blew up. Use hazmat helmet to protect yourself from poisonus radiation.

Chemical Kamikaze

Poisoned Kamikaze

Thus kamikaze will not blow up when start to death, but he can spit contaminated zat from his mouth.

Poisoned Kamikaze

  • Health : 300 (All)
  • Spawn : Overworld
  • Drops : Kamikaze Skull

More types of kamikaze are coming soon!


Protect civiliant from infected, they will help you to defeat all infected using his mighty vector, he can also stab his enemies when the target are very close to him, he can also have reload animation each 30 shoot cuz his weapon only have 30bullet/mag


Carefull because he can turned into infected soldier too after death then eaten by infected. And have knockback resistance when became infected

Zombie revival feature

  • Health : 45 (both)
  • Spawn : Overworld

Infected Juggernaut and Juggernaut

Lets start from juggernaut first, he bring minugun and shoot every infected in front of him and when the target is close he can punch and give knockback area damage to his enemy, he can also reload but rarely cuz he have many bullet in his pocket.

Infected Juggernaut and Juggernaut

  • Health : 150
  • Spawn : -

This juggernaut does not spawn naturally and only spawn from an egg at creative inventory, next update im planed to make a call backup to spawn this juggernaut on survival mode.

Infected juggernaut (special infected)

In this mode the juggernaut became stronger, has more attack damage and has ability to growhl and fly every entity near him.. he can also destroy block and turn every civiliant into infected when step at them.

Infected juggernaut (special infected)

  • Health : 200
  • Spawn : Overworld (only at night)
  • Drop : rotten flesh & level 1 card

You xcan use level 1 card to open level 1 crate that you will found it on structure that this addon have.


This infected are dangerous because she runs pretty fast to catch his target, but you can avoid her by using smoke grenade, she is affraid with a gas, she also have abilty to claw and scream to summon 2 infected from underground, better stay away from her except you armed.


  • Health : 25
  • Spawn : Overworld (at night only) 
  • Drop : - 

Infected Hazmat Officer (special infected)

This infected is using hazmat suit and have ability to summon dangerous radiation effect gas in his area and made him hard to see while fight with him.. make sure to use hazmat helmet while facing him to avoid his poison, but u will still get that nausea effect. He also give high dmage melee attack and turn every dead civiliant into infected civiliant. 

Infected Hazmat Officer

  • Health : 250 
  • Spawn : Desert(wasteland) only at night
  • Drop : level 2 card 

You can use level 2 card to open more secured lockers block that you will found it at structure


This guy like to raid civiliant and tryin to kill player/elite soldier, bring g36c in his main hand he can kill no armor player with only 2 burts shot same like other weapon entity he can reload and stab too..


  • Health : 45
  • Spawn : overworld (only night)
  • Drop : All scrap (metal, plastic, and electronic)

Hazmat Officer

This officer cant be poisoned since he always wearing hazmat set, armed with glock in his hand you can buy various usefull rare items from him, such like tactical nuke, level card and Attachment Box. He spawn rarely at desert

Hazmat Officer

Hazmat Officer trade UI

  • Health : 30
  • Spawn : Desert (day and night)
  • Drop : -

He can turn into infected too once dead and got eaten

Infected Hazmat Officer


Same like basic infected but he is pretty fast but not as fast as witch run, he can climb building, have low health but give slowness effect once he bite his target.


  • Health : 20
  • Spawn : Overworld
  • Drops : -

Elite Soldier

Soldier that have more health and stronger attack than ordinary soldier.. he also have ability to heal himself when his health reach low, he will use his stim injector to regenerated, and once dead he may knock or died instantly, once knock he became weaker and only can use pistol to protect himself until other elite soldier help him.

Elite Soldier (screenshot 1)

Elite Soldier (screenshot 2)

When he knocks and uses injector.

Elite Soldier uses injector

  • Health : 80
  • Spawn : Overworld (only at night)
  • Drop :-

Note : all soldier can be tamed using gold_ingot

New Entity


I dont know what should it be called, he has low health and will run through his target then explode, giving fatal poison area effect, and when he died he can also exploded, so fight him only with gun.

  • Health : 22
  • Spawn : Overworld (night time)
  • Loot : -

Blob screenshot.

Mad Scientist (Beta)

Same like civiliant, has low health and spawn rarelly, this entity is still on developed, has a poison throwing attack, and can run back while target are too close with him

  • Health : 20
  • Spawn : Overworld (Day-midnight)
  • Loot : - (Not yet added)

Mad Scientist screenshot.


There are total 4 vehicles in this addon but only two that obtainable on survival (Fregon & Dirtbike) every vehicles have a fuel and fuel decreased as long as you move the vehicle when the fuel reach 0 you can refill it by interact while holding full fuel can, you can buy full fuel can from civiliant or get it from barrel block when you found gas station. The vehicle can also hit all entity while moving through it, care full cuz you can hit your friend while riding.

Vehicle transport

Vehicle transport variants

Only Fregon (the orange one) that can be craftable on survival.. unlike the other vehicle that blew up and became car corpse, once destroyed fregon still can be repaired using 10 steel plate there will be destroyed animation on fregon.

Fregon vehicle

Inside of the Fregon

New Vehicle


Dirtbike added,. This is the cheapest way in this addon to get vehicle, can be rided 2 player and has low health (50 HP), not like fregon that can be repaired when broke, this Dirtbike quite the opposite..

Dirtbike screenshot.

To get this bike you can craft it in workbench, all recipe will shown there

Craft recipe for dirtbike.

New, Backup!

New, backup!

Now you can call an air support for your backup to help you beating infected, you can call it by use "call" item that can be crafted or obtained from structure loot, but carefull, bandit can shoot down him

  • Health : 200
  • Skill : Machine gun & Exploding Missile

Dont even try to shoot it on survival or he will shoot you back


This thing is very useful to defend your base.. can packed 300bullet of ammo box and shoot every hostile entities that try to attack players, once he run out of ammo, he will deactive automatically untill you reload it with ammo box again. In the next update maybe i will make this thing to be tamed so we can attack player that try to infiltrate our base:3

Deactive Turret

Active Turret


A block that describe all of items that contains in this addon whic is obtainable or not and will answer every items that you dont understand in here, all recipes are shown here.


it can be crafted using 2 plank with 2 iron block (also shown at crafting recipe)

Loots Structures Blocks and more

This addon also have apocalypse decorative block that you can use it to decorate your map you can also found this block (loots and decorative blocks) here are some preview of DyingDayZ structures

Decorative Block

Decorative zombie apocalypse blocks


Zombie apocalypse structure

Abandoned gas station

The Crypt structure

Garage structure

Abandoned road

Abandoned hospital

Abandoned house

New Structure

Abandoned post and Abandoned Lab

New structures: screenshot 1.

New structures: screenshot 2.

New structures: screenshot 3.

New structures: screenshot 4.

New structure also new loots!

Of course there are still more structure you can found in this apocalypse world addon find loot and arms yourself. 


There are various loot and each loot have diffrent item like a ammo box, weapon box, medkit and food box.. there also 3 lockers level 1 lockers need a lock pick to open and sometimes when u try to open the lockpick will broken and for level 2 and level 3 lockers need a keycard, but its kinda hard, sometimes your acces denied but dont worry, you will not lose your keycard before you can open it, just press it again and again till access granted and get your loot

Loots: screenshot 1.

Loots: screenshot 2.

New Loots and trade items

New loots and trade items: screenshot 1.

New loots and trade items: screenshot 2.

Trash from structure now can be looted and give you random item below this

New loots and trade items: screenshot 3.

New trade item and recipe, Plactic Scrap, Metal Scrap, and Electronic Junk, for the recipe you can see on the workbench block

Attachment Box and Elite Crate, contain attachment and rare items.

Attachment box and elite crate.

New Food


Cereal screenshot.

Same like other food can be obtained from food box over structure, has low saturation but if you craft it with water you can also decrease 3 thirst level.

Craft recipe for Cereal.

More food will coming next :D


Tactical nuke from simple warfare 2.. its now a block, once placed he will summon a target which is will be the target nuke deployed, to set the target just tap the tac nuke until you get the right position and to deploy nuke sneak while holding nothing then tap the nuke.. in few second the nuke will deployed right at the target choosed

Nuke activation

The explosion is now improved than my nuke before at simple warfare 2 but there is not complete yet cuz i didnt still added sound for deployed nuke yet.

CLick here to see the explosion (yt short) 

The explosion

Staying too close with the nuke impact will give you wither, fatal poison, slowness and blindness effect, hazmat suit is not usable on this condition. 

Dont forget to activate experimental gameplay, all except the beta api's one and other minecraft's new features

Required experimental options.



Installation: screenshot 1.

Installation: screenshot 2.






Having suggestion or bug report for the addon? Join my discord chanel and tell me what do yo you mean on my discord server see ya!


  • Ui Bar Template from @Dakon Yt : youtube.com/dakonblackrose or https://youtu.be/Dwqd_-qfAQA
  • Some Model and Texture entity from "@CAT CUTE#8049" Big Thanks to this guy, without him this addon will never be released or having such a nice models

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