JACS The Robot Classic Edition

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Classic Edition is the simplified version of the JACS addon. Just A Combat System, are craftable robots that protect the player.

NOTE: JACS Classic Edition is the smaller version of the JACS addon, if you are interested in the full version, check my profile to view the other addon!

JACS, which stands for Just A Combat System, are robots the player can craft that can protect said player. There are 5 different robots the player can create, which most of the robots fight differently from one another. Classic Edition specifically keeps the basic robots and excludes the extra content if players want a simplified version of the addon while also being a potential solution to future-proof the addon from future Minecraft updates.

The differences between the classic and full versions are listed below.

Classic Vs. Full versions

Classic Edition contains:

  • 5 craftable robots
  • Components
  • -Updates and features from 1-1.5 and 1.7

Full version contains:

  • 15 craftable robots
  • Azurite ore
  • Weapons
  • Tools
  • Armor
  • Enemies and bosses
  • Components
  • Trophies
  • Azunetherite
  • Food items
  • Updates and features from 1- current updates

JACS Classic Guide:

JACS Classic variants

Green JACS Classic

There are 5 types of JACS robots the player can create:

  • Red is the base version that will be needed to craft first before making any mode. They are melee-based robots and can deal wither towards their opponets.
  • Purple is the shooter mode, which shoots fire.
  • Yellow is the turret mode, which shoots arrows and stays in place.
  • White is the Recycled JACS, who are also melee-based robots with wither attacks, but cannot be used to craft modes. These 4 robots contain 120 HP.
  • Green is the Big Guy, a massive robot who is also melee-based but does much more damage and has a massive amount of HP of 400.

Every robot except for the turret JACS can be tamed.

Every robot can be healed for 30 HP using redstone.

Player on JACS

Big Guy can also can be rideable, which makes traveling through the overworld an easy task, as they're fast and able to jump high distances.

JACS Summon crafting recipe

To get started, you will need to create the JACS Summon. This is an item that you can throw that will spawn JACS into your world. If you want to add modes, keep this summon as it will be needed to craft shooter and turret modes as well as Big Guy.

Fire Shooter Component recipe

Turret Component recipe

These are the components needed to create shooter and turret modes.

JACS summon recipe

JACS Turret Mode summon recipe

To create mode summons, the regular JACS Summon and a component will have to be paired together.

Green JACS summon recipe

Big Guy being a powerful robot will also require a good number of resources to craft.

Recycled JACS Summon recipe

Recycled JACS is created using 4 pieces of recyclable parts. A part is only gained whenever a craftable JACS robot is destroyed. This robot cannot be used to change modes and will not drop a recyclable part when destroyed.

Tamed JACS robot

Follower Chip recipe

JACS robots can be tamed and to do so, you will need a follower chip. These chips will 100% guarantee tame any of the robots except for turrets. If you need to move your turret robot, every robot can also be leashed!

Required experiments for addon

Before using this addon in your world, remember to turn Holiday Creator Features on in experiments.

NOTE: While you can install both the full and classic editions, it is not recommended to put both versions in the same world.

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JACS The Robot Classic Edition.mcaddon (Mediafire)
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