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FutureTech is a technology addon that has one of the best power systems ever seen in Minecraft Bedrock.


Power Geode:

Power Geode

It is possible to find in negative layers, with it, you get the main resource to make all the recipes of the addon.

Blocks from geode: Power Crystal Block, Power Crystal glass, Power Crystal glass outline.

These are the only blocks of the addon that are not craftable.

Through the Power Crystal Block, you get Power Crystal shards.

Energy Cube:

Energy Cube

Energy Cube menu

Pluggable items:

  • Mobile Device: You get to do many useful things related to the energy cube
  • Energy Card: One of the most important items, with it, you connect machines that use or generate energy in the energy cube

All connectable items need to be connected in an energy cube to be used

Connect item

Energy Cube mobile menu


All new Machines

Carbon Generator: Every one second it generates energy through the coals that are dropped next to it, this generator supports up to 4 packs of coal. If you drop an item that is not coal or charcoal, it will automatically break.

Thermal Generator: If you leave this machine surrounded by lava, it will generate power every 5 seconds.

Energy Block: it is through it that you can energize the machines, you simply connect the energy card to this block, and place it next to the machine. That it will automatically use energy from the energy cube to energize the machines near the block

Item Teleporter: you add an item as its name is written in your language, after that, you edit the radius of distance you want, and the machine will simply pull the item close to it.

Laser Quarry: fires a laser that breaks blocks and collects items automatically

Electric Furnace: you put the items in the furnace through a funnel, and collect the same way. She will roast food and smelt ores. It has a system that makes it compatible with ores from other addons if they follow the vanilla identification pattern

Digital Drawer: unlike all other machines, it doesn't use energy to work, you simply click an item on that block, and after that, you'll have access to its interface. You'll be able to store items and even add a password, so nobody can use your drawer without your permission. There are several types of drawers in this addon, the only thing that changes between them is the number of items that can be stored

Ore converter: Transforms natural ores into blocks of that same ore, works with ores from others addons.

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