MOBCAB - Popular Transport: The Double Decker (UPDATE)

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Introducing the Bedrock vanilla rickshaw mod for use and crafting in Survival. Once crafted, it can be placed in your inventory! To take an entity with you, all you have to do is drive right into it !

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MOBCAB - Popular Transport: Description

Mod on the theme of transport: the Double-Decker. Fed up with the game's current transport options for building your factories? Can't get your head around boats and rails? Don't worry, the Double Decker bus is here for you. With its 14 comfortable seats and driver, you'll be able to get your moobs to your factories with ease! What's more, it's equipped with a buzzer to let customers off the bus - handy, isn't it? It's easy to obtain, just gather the necessary ingredients and scour Minecraft's biomes in search of creatures for your next factories!

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This mod is a Bedrock exclusive. It contains:

  • An exclusive Double Decker mountable entity
  • The ability to craft in survival mode
  • Exclusive animations, custom sounds and particles for this entity.

Additional Information:

  • The Double Decker does not work underwater.
  • Click on the green running item to let passengers in, click on the grey running item to let them out.

MOBCAB - Popular Transport: Screenshots


The Double Decker: Screenshot 1

The Double Decker: Screenshot 2

The Double Decker: Screenshot 3

The Double Decker: Screenshot 4

The Double Decker: Screenshot 5

The Double Decker: Screenshot 6

The Double Decker: Screenshot 7

The Double Decker: Screenshot 8

The Double Decker: Screenshot 9

The Double Decker: Screenshot 10


The Rickshaw Cart

The Rickshaw Spawn Item Recipe

The Sheep on the Rickshaw

The Player, Rickshaw and Sheep

Driving Rickshaw Cart


The Bike

The Bike Spawn Item Recipe

The Player on the Bike

The Bike Cart: Screenshot 1

The Bike Cart: Screenshot 2

The Bike Cart: Screenshot 3

The Bike Cart: Screenshot 4

The Bike Cart: Screenshot 5


The Scooter Cart

The Scooter Spawn Item Recipe

The Scooter: Screenshot 1

The Scooter: Screenshot 2

The Scooter: Screenshot 3

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Updated on December 06

  • A new vehicle is available for this addon! It has more seats than the old one and will allow you to transport your friends and villagers very quickly.
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