Collapsed Blocks Addon | V3 | 1.20

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Collasped Block is an addon that adds more than 13 rubble versions of brick blocks, it is compatible for both creative and survival!

What is it about?

The addon is mainly used to decorate ruins and abandoned buildings, the purpose of the mod is to make the buildings more detailed without breaking the aesthetics of Minecraft itself.

How is it acquired?

To acquire the blocks you have to put a stone brick block in a stone cutter, for each block you can get 2 rubble blocks.

New update!

10 new blocks have been added with its new version, the deepslate.

Collapsed Bricks

Ideal blocks for creating ruined medieval castles or other buildings.

Collapsed Bricks

Collapsed Deepslate Bricks

The Deepslate version has fewer blocks, but they can also be used in an interesting way!

Collapsed Deepslate Bricks

How to get blocks?

You can get new blocks in Survival by using a Stonecutter.

The Collapsed Bricks blocks can be created from Stone Bricks.

Collapsed Bricks recipes in Stonecutter

Deepslate version of these blocks can be created from Deeplatebricks.

Collapsed Deepslate Bricks recipes in Stonecutter


Example of how to use Collapsed Blocks

Entrance with a door and Collapsed Bricks

Collapsed Bricks on the ground

Ruined house with Collapsed Bricks

Important in the addon

Required experiments for Collapsed Blocks Addon

Activate these aptions for the addon to work!

The addon is ready to start with a single click, little by little it will be updated to put more content!

Updated on July 27

  • The version of the mod has been updated to 1.20.10
  • Added 10 new variants for Blackstone
  • Added crafting for deepslate and blackstone blocks
  • Added collisions to deepslate and blackstone blocks
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