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Collapsed Blocks Addon

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The Collapsed Blocks is an addon that adds more than 13 rubble versions of brick blocks. These new building blocks can be obtained through Creative and Survival modes.

At the same time, the blocks without breaking the vanilla Minecraft aesthetics but have more opportunities for creativity. A total of 31 new blocks are available.


  • Creator: Trotamundos872
  • Enable the Holiday Creator Features to use this Add-on

For Minecraft 1.18.10 and above, you need to install and activate the Block-Geo Fixer pack, otherwise the models and textures of the blocks will be broken.

Block Geo Fixer for Collapsed Bricks addon

Permission for ModBay:

Collapsed Blocks Addon permission for ModBay

Collapsed Bricks

Ideal blocks for creating ruined medieval castles or other buildings.

Collapsed Bricks

Collapsed Deepslate Bricks

The Deepslate version has fewer blocks, but they can also be used in an interesting way!

Collapsed Deepslate Bricks

How to get blocks?

You can get new blocks in Survival by using a Stonecutter.

The Collapsed Bricks blocks can be created from Stone Bricks.

Collapsed Bricks recipes in Stonecutter

Deepslate version of these blocks can be created from Deeplatebricks.

Collapsed Deepslate Bricks recipes in Stonecutter


Example of how to use Collapsed Blocks

Entrance with a door and Collapsed Bricks

Collapsed Bricks on the ground

Ruined house with Collapsed Bricks