Best Friends Forever - New Update

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Hey there! By giving golden bones to the wolves and golden fish to cats, these loyal allies become invulnerable to any form of damage, turning them into even more resilient adventure companions.

Hey there!

Golden Bone:

Imagine exploring the vast world of Minecraft alongside your wolf, knowing that it's shielded from all the dangers that may arise on your path. With the simple gesture of giving them a golden bone, your wolves will be geared up to take on any challenge by your side without fear of harm.

Golden Bone Recipe

Now you can take your wolves into more perilous and thrilling situations, knowing they'll be safe and ready to face even the most formidable foes. Explore dungeons, venture into hostile biomes, and confront terrifying monsters with the confidence that your wolf will have your back every step of the way.

Golden Bone

Golden Fish:

Golden Fish Recipe (Variant 1)

Golden Fish Recipe (Variant 2)


  • Note: this is a mini addon, maybe in the future I'll add some new mechanics.
  • I hope you enjoy it, in the future there will be more updates and new addons.
  • I'll be posting previews about the next update on my YT channel.
  • YouTube: Agacia
  • Discord: euforia_sin_h

Updated on January 26

  • Added Golden Fish for cats
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