Survival Reworked 1.4.3 [1.20.80]

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This addon aims to improve almost every aspect of a survival, by adding new mechanics (like artifacts or craftable spawners) and changing the progression (for example, you need to kill a certain boss before going to the Nether)



Classic UI Profile Mode

You need to turn on every experimental feature (except villagers rebalacing if you don't want to)

Required Experiments for Survival Reworked Addon

Trailer of the add-on:

If you're lost in the add-on, there is a wiki in game and a discord server to ask questions.

Entities (not finished)

Artifact Trader

Artifact Trader

Spawns in sky islands.
Loot: nothing.
Trade specificities: Trades changes every day, sell 2 items per day and buy 2 items per day.



6 iron coins for Heart in Bottle
3 iron coins for Ancient Shield
9 iron coins for Cloud Socks
6 iron coins for Supersonic Arrow
12 iron coins for Heavy Socks
3 iron coins for Long Spear Scroll
6 iron coins for Explosive Spear Scroll
6 iron coins for Electric Spear Scroll
6 iron coins for Sharper Spear Scroll
6 iron coins for Enchanted Socks
3 iron coins for Crystal of Rage
3 iron coins for Crystal of Youth
3 iron coins for Crystal of Fear
3 iron coins for Crystal of Bravery
10 iron coins for Heavy Quiver


Heart in Bottle for 2 tin coins
Ancient Shield for 1 tin coin
Cloud Socks for 3 tin coins
Supersonic Arrow for 3 tin coins
Heavy Socks for 4 tin coins
Long Spear Scroll for 1 tin coin
Explosive Spear Scroll for 2 tin coins
Electric Spear Scroll for 2 tin coins
Sharper Spear Scroll for 2 tin coins
Enchanted Socks for 2 tin coins
poisonous mucus for 2 tin coins
Crystal of Rage for 1 tin coin
Crystal of Youth for 1 tin coin
Crystal of Fear for 1 tin coin
Crystal of Bravery for 1 tin coin


Baby Spider

Baby Spider

Summoned by spider mom or spider egg.
Damage: 4
Health: 10
Speed: fast
Loot: nothing
Hostile to the player and give slowness for 3 seconds.

Bear (Brown)

Bear (Brown)

Spawns in taiga.
Damage: 10
Health: 40
Speed: normal
Loot: raw bear and fur
Hunts during the day, sleep at night, attacks nearby players. The baby can be tamed with blocks of honey.

Bear (Black)

Bear (Black)

Spawn in mega taiga and redwood forests.
Damage: 10
Health: 40
Speed: normal
Loot: raw bear and fur
Hunt during the day, sleep at night, attacks nearby players. The baby can be tamed with blocks of honey.



Spawn in forests and plains.
Health: 6
Air speed: slow
Loot: raw bird wings and feathers.
Can be tamed with seeds.

Blood Moon

Baby Bloody Skeleton

Baby Bloody Skeleton

Summoned by necromancer.
Damage: 2
Health: 20
Speed: fast
Loot: bone
Hostile to the player.

Hell Mode

Abyssal Drowned

Abyssal Drowned

Spawn in dark waters.
Damage: 8
Health: 35
Speed: normal
Hostile to the player.
Has the same loot as the drowned.

Ancient Husk

Ancient Husk

Spawns in desert.
Damage: 8
Health: 20
Speed: normal
Hostile to the player and give hunger for 45 seconds.
Has the same loot as the husk.

Brute Creeper

Brute Creeper

Spawn in the dark.
Explosion: big
Health: 35
Speed: slow
Knockback resistance: 0.50
Hostile to the player, can be charged.
Has the same loot as the creeper.

Brute Zombie

Brute Zombie

Spawn in the dark.
Damage: 9
Health: 55
Speed: slow
Knockback resistance: 1
Hostile to the player.
Has the same loot as the zombie.

Surface Biomes

Redwood Forest

Redwood Forest

Birch Forest

New Birch Forest Biome


New Jungle Biome

Mossy Jungle

New Mossy Jungle Biome


New Savanna Biome


New Mesa Biome


New Desert Biome


New Taiga Biome

Cold Taiga

New Cold Taiga Biome


New Swampland Biome

Cave Biomes

Desert Cave

New Desert Cave Biome

Mesa Cave

New Mesa Cave Biome

Savanna Cave

New Savanna Cave Biome

Cold Cave

New Cold Cave Biome

Nether Biomes

Sulfur Biome

New Sulfur Biome

Magma Chamber

New Magma Chamber Biome

End Biomes

Desolate Void

New Desolate Void Biome

Chorus Forest

New Chorus Forest Biome

Shulkers Meadows

New Shulkers Meadows Biome


New Artifacts

Artifacts are foundable items that provides unique effects, here are some examples (there are more than 45 of them):

The Molten Ingot:

Smelt automatically every ore in your inventory

The Molten Ingot

The Magnet:

Attracts dropped items to you

The Magnet

The Sculk Quiver:

Your arrows go through blocks

The Sculk Quiver

Heavy Socks:

Creates a shockwave when you fall on the ground

Heavy Socks

The Undying Flower:

You take 5% less damage on daytime

The Undying Flower

Heart in a Bottle:

Grant + 2 HP (1 heart)

Heart in a Bottle

New Progression

The progression in this add-on is different:

Vanilla Progression:

Vanilla Progression

Survival Reworked Progression:

Survival Reworked Progression

First to go to the Nether, you need to kill the Abomination, summonable with a strange totem, found in some illagers structures.

Then to go to the End, you need to kill the Wither.

But to be able to kill these dangerous bosses, you need a strong and powerfull equipment: that's why artifacts exist.

You're not authorized to:

  • Claim this add-on as yours
  • Steal content from it
  • Create a link to install this add-on, if you want to review this add-on, please leave a link to this ModBay page
  • Re-upload it on an another website

On the discord, you can find beta versions of the add-on, with more content, but with more bugs, You can even submit suggestions on it. The add-on is also updated more often on the discord ;)

Discord Link: https://discord.com/invite/y9htBc7gjT

Updated on May 14

1.4.3 Survival Reworked Mushroom update

  • Hellmode mobs and voidmode mobs appear more frequently.
  • Cattails are no longer edible.
  • Most structures are slightly more frequent.
  • The grappling hook has been removed (causes crash).
  • Bunker and village loots have been modified.
  • Blood moon mobs now loot copper coins.
Changelog History
v1.4.2 / May 12 / Old Update

New content:

Mushroom cave

  • Mushroom caves are biomes that appear under wet biomes, so not under dry biomes (savannah, mesa desert) and cold biomes, they can merge with a dripstone biome but not a lush cave biome.
  • Its floor is composed of blue mushrooms, and its ceiling is composed of yellow mushrooms. All mushrooms and other variations of mushrooms make light, which makes it a very bright biome where monsters do not appear often.

Shroom jelyfish

  • Blue and yellow shroom jellyfish are bee types used to transform empty spore bags into spore bags of their respective colors.
  • To do this, they begin by rubbing themselves against a fungus of the color shroom jelyfish. Once they have rubbed themselves with a fungus, they will have fungus spores on their tentacles. After that, she will head to an empty spore bag of the color shroom jelyfish, and they will fill it with the spores of their tentacles.

Spore bag

  • Spore bags are items that can be obtained by clicking right on a blue or yellow spore bag block with shears.
  • With a blue spore bag, you can grow mycelium vines, mycelium grass, and mushrooms on the upper part of the block of Subterranean Mycelium (like bonemeal on grass). You can also grow blue mushroom trees with blue mushrooms. You can also turn the stone into Subterranean Mycelium and grow the mycelium vine upwards.
  • With a yellow spore bag, you can grow mycelium vines, mycelium grass, and mushrooms on the lower part of the Subterranean Mycelium block. You can also grow yellow mushroom trees with yellow mushrooms. You can also turn the stone into Subterranean Mycelium and grow the mycelium vine.


  • Cordyceps is a mushroom that appears in the islands of mushrooms. If some arthropods, like cave spiders, spiders, or crabs, walk around, they will get infected by the fungus within 20 seconds. After this time, the mob will pass into phase 1 of the infection. During this phase, the mob will change behavior, and the roots of the cordyceps will begin to form. During phase 2, the mob will become weaker and the roots will be longer. During phase 3, the cordyceps will push on the mob, and it will split even weaker. Finally, during phase 4, the spore particles will be emitted by the mob infecter, and the cordyceps will have grown on the mob and will infect, within a radius of 15 blocks, all the mobs that can be infected by the cordyceps.


  • Crabs are entities that spawn in beach biomes or in iceland mushrooms but are infected by cordyceps.
  • To get crab shells, you have to mate two crabs with seagrass, then one of the crabs will become pregnant, and it will go to a water source to deposit these eggs. Once the eggs have hatched, several crab larvae will come out. Once they grow, one will turn into a baby crab. The crab will grow 3 times, and each time it grows, it will loot the crab shell. Tip: give seagrass so that crabs and crab larvae grow faster.

Tweaks and Bugs fixed

  • Modded spawners were removed to leave vanilla spawners, but vanilla spawners drop spawner fragments (this no longer causes problems with other addons).
  • Fixed bugs related to food and modded potions (does not give potion effect, does not slow down player during use).
  • Fixed the strange totem that did not disappear when summoning the abomination.
  • Cattail duplication bug was fixed.
  • Trial Chambers loot has been modified to match Survival Reworked (no diamond weapons or tools, addition of artifacts, and other modded items).
  • Pillager structures have been rebalanced to be 0.4 times less frequent.
  • Most Blood Moon mobs were buffed.
  • Spider mandible now does 5 damage instead of 3.
  • The slinger stick now has a durability of 200 instead of 50.
v1.3.8 / April 01 / Old Update
  • More items/blocks have menu categorie
  • Silktouch tools do not give strange block from plants
  • Tools can now break 1.21 blocks
  • Added a potion of blindness that can be crafted with solid bone
  • Added a potion of levitation that can be crafted with shulker shell
  • Fixed Abomination loots
  • Fixed duplication crafts with plate
  • Fixed summon of wither boss
v1.3.6 / February 20 / Old Update
  • Abomination now really no longer duplicate on phase 2
  • Redwood sapplings can now be bonemealed
  • Frozen stone and hard sandstone now drop when mined
  • Breaking plants with silktouch now drop the correct item
  • Fireball wand removed (not used)
  • Mobs no longer spawn on redwood leaves
  • Small mansions are now more frequent, and can now spawn in taiga forests, mega taigas and birch forests
  • Effect arrows no longer apply effect through shields
v1.3.5 / February 13 / Old Update
  • Added compatibility with 1.20.60
  • Fixed the mining speed of charged copper blocks
  • Abomination should work fine now, like every boss
  • Changed the mining speed of some blocks
  • Frozen stone now drops cobblestone when mined with certain pickaxes
  • Abomination no longer duplicates on phase 2
  • UI now works correctly with 1.20.60
v1.3.3 / February 03 / Old Update


  • Crimson netherite axe no longer does 78 damage (it does 7 instead).
  • Every redwood block variant (log, stairs, door, etc.) now has the correct mining speed and now drops when broken.
  • Fixed a bug that could corrupt your world (entity duplication leading to a world crash, then corruption).
v1.3.2 / January 29 / Old Update


Frozen Haven and Copper Golem:

  • An unique structure where monsters aren't frequent, but challenge is still here. Solve complex puzzles with the new copper golem to access the loot. The new charged copper blocks guide him wherever you want. To unlock rooms, you just need to color him with the right color and make him walk on the same color detector. Once all rooms are achieved, you'll gain access to the protective shield.


  • Penguins spawn in frozen oceans, they live in groups and go fishing to keep their babies alive. They're also delicious. Adult penguins can drop penguins feathers to craft penguin leggings. Once equipped, you're faster on ice and in water.


  • Fur can be dropped on penguins once they grow up (or once they are killed, but honestly, I would kill them for that, I would do it for their meat), it can be dropped on bears and wooly cows. With fur, you can make fur armor, which grants the following effects:
    • Helmet: remove the fog in frozen biomes
    • Chestplate: grant slow regeneration in frozen biomes
    • Leggings: remove the slowness effect 1 in frozen biome (protect against strays)
    • Boots: walk faster on snow


  • Redwood biome replaces the Mega Taiga biome, there's every redwood variant: fences, stairs, saplings,... except boats and signs. So yeah, a new wood type!

Snow Cone:

  • yummy, snow

New Bricks:

  • Calcite, hard sandstone, hard red sandstone, volcanic stone, and gabbro now have brick variants.


Light Seed:

  • Farming light allays was boring, so I replaced the light allays farm with light seed mining. Light seed is the equivalent of void fossil, an ore that spawns in shulker meadows instead of void biome. That's it, less boring and easier farm.


  • Cooldowns are reduced for most of the spawners.


  • You can now craft tools with hard sandstone, granite, andesite, diorite, etc. (stone tools) same for furnaces, pistons,...

Block Breaker:

  • Something that was frequently asked: block breakers are now rotatable, feel free to make missiles that break everything in front of them (block breakers also unrust the copper golem).


  • End metropolis now generate
  • You should now get into void mode when you kill the dragon (the "should" is important because it's technically the 4 time)
  • You no longer need a dragon essence to craft light armor
  • The crafting table UI should now work with other addons
  • Abyssal drowneds no longer attacks everything they see (items too, bruh)
  • Flying skeleton now spawn more
  • Flying skeleton and necromancer now drop items
  • Warped nickel items and crimson nickel items now have the same durability
  • Vanilla mobs now drop vanilla heads
  • Spiders now drop spider heads
  • Recipe unlocking is now automatically disabled
  • Small neoplasm spiders no longer attack blood zombies
  • Wooly cows now spawn
  • Eye bulbs no longer duplicate when, you break the block below them
  • Plants no longer drop the wrong item when you break them with silktouch
  • Wild spawners no longer duplicate when breaked with silktouch
  • Deepslate lapis ore can now be mined with a warped nickel pickaxe
  • Brute creepers no longer destroy blocks inside a protected area
  • Direction signs no longer disappear when you try to tilt them with a stick
  • Skeleton wolves should now spawn in soulsand valleys (they are tameable with rotten flesh)
  • Redwood direction signs now exists and are now craftable
v1.2.4 / December 12 / Old Update


  • Void dust can now be mined faster with a shovel
  • Added compatibility for 1.20.50
v1.2.3 / November 19 / Old Update


  • Ruby blocks, crafted with 9 rubies
  • Direction signs: a fence with a sign on it; you can change the direction of the arrow by right-clicking on it; and you can tilt the sign with a stick (crafted with a sign and a fence)
  • Mob heads: desert skeletons, spiders, abominations, husks, villagers, zombie villagers now have a little chance to drop their heads (same chance than wither skeleton, except for abomination which is 10%)
  • Wiki book now contains a page about armor stats, a page about Blood Moon mobs, and boss pages now include their drops (with %)


  • Blood Moon mobs spawn rate balanced: there're a lot less spiders and less necromancers (so more blood zombies)
  • Baby bloody skeletons and hemoglobin spirits now do a lot less damage
  • Added a craft to convert 9 rotten flesh into leather
  • Tin armor now provides knockback resistance
  • Void armor now has more durability
  • Blood moon mobs now despawn at day (was annoying in forests)
  • Blood zombies can now see you through blocks


  • Golden Ring now works correctly
  • Wild spawners no longer spawn more mobs when they're puched by a piston
  • Neoplasm spiders no longer attack blood zombies
  • Neoplasm spiders can now drop spider mandibules
v1.2.1 - v1.2.2 / November 03 / Old Update


1) Blood moon

  • A new event that happens every 8 nights (when you start a world, the first blood moon will be the 7th night) with unique mobs and loot. During this event, you can't sleep.
  • Necromancer: summons Baby bloody skeletons and hemoglobin spirits. He also buffs nearby undead mobs with his flesh totem.
  • Baby Bloody Skeleton: a contact skeleton, but smol and fast.
  • Hemoglobin spirit: here to push you from your 3-block dirt tower, he can fly and he's fast.
  • Fat Blood Zombie: He's slow but very strong.
  • Neoplasm Spider: A BIG blood moon spider that attacks every non-blood-moon mob. Each time that he kills a mob, it summons a small neoplasm spider.
  • Spider Mandibule: a sword-like item; every mob you hit will bleed; drops from neoplasm spiders and sall neoplasm spiders.

The blood moon isn't an event that is here to bother you, it is useful!

2) New items:

  • Muscle Fiber: It grants strength when you eat it, and it can be used to make longer strength 2 potions.
  • Flesh Totem: Multiplayer artifact that grants resistance and regeneration to players within 2 blocks of you and strength and speed to players within 6 blocks of you (sneak to see the range). The holder of the artifact doesn't get the effects.
  • Blood Vial: Drops from blood and fat blood zombies. When you hit an entity, you receive a little health (whose value is subject to change in the future).
  • Bottle of Undead Souls: Most undead mobs ignore you (if you don't attack them), but natural iron golems will attack you. Dropped from flying skeletons.
  • Vampire Vial: bottle of undead souls + blood vial
  • Solid Bone: drops from cave crawlers; used to upgrade your tools with diamonds (DIAMOND USEFUL???)

3) Other mobs:

  • Flying Skeleton: a skeleton that flies... nah, seriously, like the hemoglobin spirit, he prevents you from towering during the night.
  • Cave Crawler: He spawns below y = 0. He's invisible when you're away from him and despawns when exposed to light. He drops solid bones when killed. He's very dangerous, hehe. This mob prevents you from exploring caves without any source of light.
  • Blood Zombie: a bloody version of a zombie that is stronger, he drops muscle fibers.


  • The dreamlike pendant now makes you able to skip blood moons.
  • Crafting to upgrade tools has been changed, now including diamonds and solid bones.
  • There are now more brute mobs in hell mode.
  • Mineable ores are no longer shown on the pickaxe name, but in the wiki book.
  • You now must kill the abomination to go to the nether, even if someone else has already killed it.
  • Game tips are now shown on the loading screen if you have your game in "English, US".
  • Floating islands are now more common.
  • Undying flowers now regenerate your health a little faster.
  • Cave crawlers and flying skeletons spawn less.


  • 1.20.40 compatibility.
  • The wither and the dragon should now correctly grant you more hearts when you kill them.
  • Mossy diorite bricks are now craftable.
  • The UI should no longer be weird on consoles.
  • Cave crawlers no longer have a really thin hitbox.
  • Cave crawlers texture no longer blinks.
  • Hell mode monsters now convert into blood mobs on blood moons.
  • Crafting tables should now work correctly on console.
  • Vampiric vial can now be crafted.
  • Dashing sticks now break when they reach zero durability.
  • Necromancers now burn at day.
  • Necromancers slightly nerfed.
  • Iron axes in blacksmith villager's house are no longer vanilla ones.
v1.1.2.2 / October 09 / Old Update


  • Weakened totem: Dropped on the abomination instead of the totem of undying, can be use to craft a strange totem or a totem of undying


  • Summoning the abomination now consume the gold block
  • Now show Efosi's name in the credits when the game lauch for the first time


  • Fixed a bug in the wiki book in the mesa pillager outpost page where the wrong image was shown
v1.1.2.1 / October 03 / Old Update


  • Birch leaves are now yellow/orange (poll made, promise kept)
  • Wiki book has been updated (and it will be further in future updates):
    • Now contains a Discord link
    • Now contains an add-on information page
    • Now contains a boss page, in which you can found boss picture, health, attacks and how to summon the abomination
    • Now contains a structure page, which contain for the moment information
v1.1.2 / October 01 / Old Update


1) New artifacts (mostly socks):

  • Chorus socks: jump on a chorus cap to be teleported one the one above you, sneak on a chorus cap to be teleported on the one below you (act like elevators), you run faster on chorus grass
  • Purpur socks: Sneak and jump to levitate, sneak another time to stop levitating, you run faster on shulk grass
  • Void socks: divide the cooldown of the dashing stick by 2, and you run faster on void dust
  • End socks: combination of void, chorus and shulk socks
  • Interdimensional socks: combination of end socks and explorer socks (final socks in SR)
  • Void cloak: Destroy non-player arrow around you

2) New items:

  • Dashing stick: crafted with 4 tin ingots and a tin-plate in the crafting table, you can dash every 5 seconds (you can't dash in air), 100 durability
  • Bicolor lichen, a new food/plant, found in shulkers meadows
  • Levitation potion, obtainable by right-clicking on a lycaephytus that has a white ball with a glass bottle (flowered lycaephytus)
  • Blindness potion: obtainable by right-clicking on a heretic shulker projectile with a glass bottle
  • You can transform a levitation/blindness potion in a splash potion in a brewing stand

3) New entity:

  • Heretic shulker: spawn during the dragon boss fight, shoot blindness effect projectile (10 seconds blindness)
  • Yeah, there's only one new entity...

4) New blocks:

  • Void stone: replace end stone in desolate void biomes, you can craft void bricks/pillars/smooth bricks with it
  • Purpur: generate in shulkers meadows, you can craft purpur bricks with it Wait the second message...
  • Blue/purple lycaephytus, Blue/purple flowered lycaephytus and Bicolor lichen are the new plants that spawn in shulker meadows
  • Chlorobulbus: plant that spawn in jungles and can be placed everywhere (originally planned for shulkers meadows but not render well it them)

5) Biomes/generation:

  • Shulkers meadows are now dense biomes that have purpur blocks underground
  • Desolate void biome are now less flat, contain a lot of small buildings ruin and sometimes huge end ships can spawn in them
  • Chorus forests now sometimes have medium end ship that can spawn
  • End pillars have been upgraded (to update them, just summon the dragon) and chorus mushroom can now spawn on the main island

6) Other:

  • In void mode, overworld endermen can now spawn infected/eaten


  • Dragon heart artifact has been buffed, now dealing 50% more damage
  • Battle cry orb has been buffed, now dealing 10 damage when activated
  • The abomination can now convert horses in zombie horses in hard (to prevent people from cheesing him with a horse)
  • Some block textures changed
  • Light armor now grant +1 max heart when fully equipped
  • Void armor now grant + 2 damage and transform your normal/heavy arrows into void arrows that deals +2 damage
  • You can no longer use light armblades if you have a full void armor (and vice versa for the light armor and void armblades)
  • Wiki book updated
  • Evocation illagers slightly buffed


  • (Rare issue) Wiki book is now always given when you join/start a world (if you haven't got a wiki book when spawn you'll get one now), this bug caused several issues with artifacts/progression
  • Shield block now drop when break
v1.0.9.4 / September 06 / Old Update


  • Void fossils are more common
  • Ruby ore is more common
  • Sulfur ore is more common


  • The wither no longer has 10 HP in hard
  • Restored ancient chestplate can now be crafted
v1.0.9.3 / August 31 / Old Update


  • Resource pack no longer shows errors
  • Chestplates are now shown correctly on players
  • Floating islands are now more common
  • Addon slightly optimized
  • Some unused blocks are no longer shown in creative tab
v1.0.9.2 / August 25 / Old Update


  • Sculkling: a new small mob that detect you by sniffing, if you're too near of him, he'll become aggressive (7 damage, 15 health). Spawns in the deep dark when you walk on a sculk jaw (new block)
  • 3 New artifacts:
    • Sculk portal: summon 2 friendly sculklings that follows you (sculklings last 5 minutes, 1 minute cooldown, found by killing sculklings)
    • Supersonic arrow: arrow shot with a crossbow emit a shockwave on impact, useful to rocket jump (found in flying islands)
    • Bloody bramble: Immobilize and inflict wither to the nearest monster for 15 seconds (30 seconds cooldown, found by killing wither skeletons)
  • 14 New decorative blocks:
    • Snow and packed ice bricks
    • Sandy, snowy and frozen variant of andesite, granite, diorite and stone bricks
  • New crop: cattail
    • Cactails renamed to cattails
    • Cattails already exist in the add-on, they can now be farmed like sugarcanes (near water)
    • Cattails have 5 stages and can be eaten (2 nutrition)
    • You can craft a string with 2 cattails (irl you can make rope of it)
  • Light/void arm blades does 2 damage (basic arm blades now deals 10 damage)
  • Flying islands now spawn more frequently
  • Allays now have 4% chance to become a light one in void mode (1% before)
  • Void fossils spawn 4% more
  • Animation overhaul of some mobs
  • Brute zombie retextured
  • The bloody flower no longer need a heart in a bottle, it now needs a bloody bramble, and so the bloody flower, the deadly flower and the red sun no longer grant 1 heart
  • The crystal of youth has been retextured (again)


  • Supersonic arrow no longer destroy your world if shot on a player/mob
  • Wiki book now works correctly
  • UI now working correctly (artifacts slots/crafting UI)
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