Minecraft Creepy Pasta 0.3

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Have you ever heard a strange sound in a cave while mining diamond ore alone? Maybe these cave mobs are the cause of the weird sound. Let's find out the answer in this add-on! >w<

(this addon does not use PLAYER.json and does not contain all VANILLA mobs)

Cave Mobs

Cave mobs are full of mystery, not much information is known about them. Have you ever seen a building or an abandoned trail in a cave?


Cave Mob Stats

Big Cave Mob Stats

Mutant Cave Mob Stats

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Cave Mob

Big Cave Mob

Mutant Cave Mob

Terms of Use

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Make sure to turn on the following Experimental Options:

Required Experimental Options

Updated on September 09

  • Fixed spawn errors
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Cave Mobs BP
Cave Mobs RP
Supported versions
1.20.10 1.20.0 1.19.80