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Welcome to another bedrock port pack of mine! "Golems Galore" was originally made for Java Edition by creepermax123 and was ported by me to Bedrock Edition. This pack adds new iron golem texture variants that are randomized upon spawning. You can also get the specific variants using nametags.

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All Nametags

Put a name tag on an anvil. Rename it like this: "Gold PIg" Make sure the first letter of the name is uppercase, be aware of the spaces, and don't include the quotes (""). Use the nametag on a tamed wolf and finish!

  • "Diamond Golem"
  • "Gold Golem"
  • "Bling Golem"
  • "Copper Golem"
  • "Emerald Golem"
  • "Furnace Golem"
  • "Gold Pig"
  • "Amethyst Geode Golem"
  • "Ruby Geode Golem"
  • "Serpentine Geode Golem"
  • "Boarbarian"
  • "Crimson Boarbarian"
  • "Warped Boarbarian"
  • "Boarbarian Brute"
  • "Boarbarian Chieftain"
  • "Zombified Boarbarian"
  • "Zombified Crimson Boarbarian"
  • "Zombified Warped Boarbarian"
  • "ZombifiedBoarbarian Brute"
  • "Zombified Boarbarian Chieftain"

Sample Models (click to expand):


Iron Golems

Lush Golems

Pumpkin Golem

Geode Golems

Geode Golems



Crimson Boarbarians

Warped Boarbarians

Brute Boarbarians

Chieftain Boarbarians

More Golems

Copper Golems

Ore Golems

Furnace Golem

Golden Pig

Made By: creepermax123 & A Platinum Block
Help From: Gills
The Geode Golem is Based off of SystemZee's Design

Owner's Permission

creepermax123's Permisson for Parzival

NOTE: Copyright does not apply to bedrock porting. We, the Bedrock Porters, put in the effort to make a Java Edition resource pack or mod available for Bedrock Edition players to enjoy while keeping the credits for the owner at the same time. All bedrock ports of mine have permission to be ported and are allowed to use a link shortener.

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