Ultimate Survival Texture Pack v3.6 [Hotfix Update]

Thumbnail: Ultimate Survival Texture Pack v3.6 [Hotfix Update]

This is the Best Default Edit Texture Pack you will ever find which makes Minecraft a lot more Clearer, Less Obstructive and Detailed as much as Possible. This is most Useful and Recommended for Casual Players, Redstoners, YouTubers, Technical Players and Survival Players.


  • Name: Ultimate Survival Texture Pack
  • Type: Texture/Resource Pack
  • Size: 5 mb
  • Supporting Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows 10, Xbox, Playstation
  • Affects Achievements: No
  • Permission for ModBay:

Permission for ModBay


(A Brand New Trailer for USTP is in the Makings!! ๐Ÿ‘€)

Thanks for 150k+ Downloads guys โค

I'm Glad you all like it and find it Useful

It means a lot to me guys.

Ultimate Survival: Features

Different Stems

Different Stems: Screenshot 1

Different Stems: Screenshot 2

Colorful Enchanting Particles

Colorful Enchanting Particles: Screenshot

Circular Sun & Moon

Circular Sun: Screenshot

Circular Moon: Screenshot

Bow & Crossbow Indicator

Bow Indicator: Screenshot

Crossbow Indicator: Screenshot

Lower Shield

Lower Shield: Screenshot 1

Lower Shield: Screenshot 2

Shield Corrections (HD Corrections)

Shield Corrections: Screenshot 1

Shield Corrections: Screenshot 2

Plain Leather Armor

Plain Leather Armor: Screenshot

Directional Hoppers

Directional Hoppers: Screenshot

Directional Observers

Directional Observers: Screenshot

Sticky Piston Sides

Sticky Piston Sides: Screenshot

Clear Dispensers and Droppers

Clear Dispensers and Droppers: Screenshot

Item Info (Removable)

These can be Customised

Basic Item Info

Basic Item Info: Screenshot

Food, Armor, Tools Info

Food, Armor, Tools Info: Screenshot

Light Info

Light Info: Screenshot

Enchant Summary

Enchant Summary: Screenshot

Numbered Hotbar

Numbered Hotbar: Screenshot 1

Numbered Hotbar: Screenshot 2

Critical Hit Sounds and Particles

Critical Hit Sounds and Particles: Screenshot

Lower Fire

Lower Fire: Screenshot 1

Lower Fire: Screenshot 2

No Pumpkin Overlay

No Pumpkin Overlay: Screenshot

Visible Locked Trades

(Visible Locked Trades doesnโ€™t mean all the trades are visible, it is so that you can click and see the trades that are already unlocked, like enchantments of a tool)

Visible Locked Trades: Screenshot

Shorter Grass

Shorter Grass: Screenshot 1

Shorter Grass: Screenshot 2

Clear Banner Patterns

Clear Banner Patterns: Screenshot

Unobtrusive Scaffolding

Unobtrusive Scaffolding: Screenshot

Infested Blocks

Infested Blocks: Screenshot

Clear Locator Maps

Clear Locator Maps: Screenshot

Suspicious Block Borders

Suspicious Block Borders: Screenshot

Budding Amethyst Border

Budding Amethyst Border: Screenshot

Clear Amethyst Growth Stages

Clear Amethyst Growth Stages: Screenshot

Clear Nether Wart Growth Stages

Clear Nether Wart Growth Stages: Screenshot 1

Clear Nether Wart Growth Stages: Screenshot 2

Unobtrusive Rain & Snow

Unobtrusive Rain: Screenshot

Unobtrusive Snow: Screenshot

Visual Waxed Copper (Items)

Visual Waxed Copper: Screenshot 1

Visual Waxed Copper: Screenshot 2

Clear Powder Snow

Clear Powder Snow: Screenshot 1

Clear Powder Snow: Screenshot 2

Tipped Arrow Symbols

Tipped Arrow Symbols: Screenshot

Clear Potions

Clear Potions: Screenshot 1

Clear Potions: Screenshot 2

Potion Effect Colors

Potion Effect Colors: Screenshot

Health & Damage Indicator (Removable)

Health & Damage Indicator: Screenshot

Sky Directions

Sky Directions: Screenshot

More Visible Trapped Chests

More Visible Trapped Chests: Screenshot

Clear Spawn Eggs

Clear Spawn Eggs: Screenshot

Chest Paper Doll

Chest Paper Doll: Screenshot

Clear Anvil Stages

Clear Anvil Stages: Screenshot

Visible Wither Hearts

Visible Wither Hearts: Screenshot

Brewing Guide

Brewing Guide: Screenshot

Ultimate Survival: Optional Packs

These packs can be Removed/Customised

Shorter Swords

There are 4 Sizes

Shorter Swords: Screenshot 1

Shorter Swords: Screenshot 2

Shorter Swords: Screenshot 3

Shorter Swords: Screenshot 4

Redstone Signal Strength

Redstone Signal Strength: Screenshot

Clear / Clean / Borderless Glass

Borderless Glass

Borderless Glass: Screenshot 1

Borderless Glass: Screenshot 2

Borderless Glass: Screenshot 3

Clean Glass

Clean Glass: Screenshot 1

Clean Glass: Screenshot 2

Clean Glass: Screenshot 3

Clear Glass

Clear Glass: Screenshot 1

Clear Glass: Screenshot 2

Clear Glass: Screenshot 3

Ore Borders

Ore Borders: Screenshot

Glass Doors and Trapdoors

Glass Doors and Trapdoors: Screenshot 1

Glass Doors and Trapdoors: Screenshot 2

RGB Portal & XP Bar

RGB Portal & XP Bar: Screenshot 1

RGB Portal & XP Bar: Screenshot 2

Clear Water

There are 3 Levels of Transparency

Clear Water: Screenshot 1

Clear Water: Screenshot 2

Clear Water: Screenshot 3

Invisible Item Frames (Customisable)

Invisible Normal Item Frame

Invisible Normal Item Frame: Screenshot

Invisible Glow Item Frame

Invisible Glow Item Frame: Screenshot

Both Invisible Item Frames

Both Invisible Item Frames: Screenshot

Lower Dirt/Dirt sides

Lower Dirt

Lower Dirt: Screenshot

Dirt Sides

Dirt Sides: Screenshot

Transparent UI

Transparent UI: Screenshot 1

Transparent UI: Screenshot 2

Transparent UI: Screenshot 3

Dark UI

Dark UI: Screenshot 1

Dark UI: Screenshot 2

Dark UI: Screenshot 3

I Hope this Texture Pack is Useful to You!

Terms of Use

This Pack is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

To view a copy of this license, visit https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/

You are Allowed to:

  • Use this pack in your Videos or or make a Review on it with proper Credit
  • Use Contents from this pack in your Own Packs for both Personal/Public as long as:
    • You take Permission from Me and the Original Creators
    • You give appropriate Credit to ME, USTP and Link this pack
    • It includes proper Modifications and/or Additions

You are NOT Allowed to:

  • Share the Direct Download Links or Make New Download Links. Always Share the Link to the Trailer or to the USTP MODBAY Page.
  • Redistribute USTP as your own pack.


This Texture Pack contains Textures and Code from Several Other Texture Packs which were used after taking the Permission from the respective Creators. I have Modified and Changes a lot of Textures and Code to suit this texture pack. Proof of Permission is below.

Bedrock Tweaks (DrAv0011), CubeMaster, JEBR_Gaming, Honkit26113, Coptaine, Tal Melamed, Dhan, CrisXolt, LodeStar, Offroaders123, ItsCyberBush, JudahRR, D-Uzi, D3SG4MER24.

(Combining Textures is also Hard Thing to do, which includes Planning, making Changes, making sure it fits with the rest of the pack, taking Pics for this Post, making Trailer, Fixing Bugs and more)

Proof of Permission

Proof of Permissions: Screenshot 1

Proof of Permissions: Screenshot 2

Proof of Permissions: Screenshot 3

Proof of Permissions: Screenshot 4

Proof of Permissions: Screenshot 5

Proof of Permissions: Screenshot 6

Proof of Permissions: Screenshot 7

Proof of Permissions: Screenshot 8

Proof of Permissions: Screenshot 9

Proof of Permissions: Screenshot 10

Proof of Permissions: Screenshot 11

Proof of Permissions: Screenshot 12

Proof of Permissions: Screenshot 13

Proof of Permissions: Screenshot 14

Importing, Subpacks Tutorial:

Updated on March 14

  • Made a Separate USTP Pack Without Health & Damage Indicator
  • Changed Item Info Subpacks Order (This change is more aimed at people using realms)
  • Fixed a Major ERROR of 'No How to Play Button' in stone cutter screen, thanks to many people that have reported it!!
  • Changed Shorter Fire a bit (Removed some floating pixels)
  • Fixed an Item Info Bug - Cooked Chicken no longer has a poison symbol in it's name) - Thanks to ECKOSOLDIER
  • Included Eckosoldier's Showcase Video of USTP in the post.
Changelog for January 30 / Old Update

Combined both Pack 1 and 2 into a Single Pack


  • Clear Water with 3 levels of transparency (Optional Pack)
  • No How to Play Button
  • Clear Locator Maps
  • Clear Dispensers and Droppers
  • Suspicious Block Borders
  • Shield Corrections (HD Shields)
  • Critical Hit Sounds and Particles


  • Clear Banner Patterns
  • Unobtrusive Rain and Snow
  • Clear Trapped Chests
  • Shorter Shields


  • New Clear Potions
  • New Clear Tipped Arrows
  • New Glass Doors and Trapdoors
  • Health and Damage Indicator for 1.20 mobs
  • Item Info for 1.20 items

Bug Fixes!!!

Download links
USTP v3.6 Main Pack [Loot Labs]
USTP v3.6 Optional Packs [Loot Labs]
USTP v3.6 Main Pack [Boostellar]
USTP v3.6 Optional Packs [Boostellar]
Discord Server (for Bug Reports and Suggestions)
Supported versions
1.20.70 1.20.60 1.20.50 1.20.40 1.20.30 1.20.10 1.20.0 1.19.0
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