Shasvat Shader V0.1 (Android and iOS)

Thumbnail: Shasvat Shader V0.1 (Android and iOS)

Iโ€™m Aerith Gray, and today I'll be sharing an amazing shader that supports high, medium and low end devices too. This time, unfortunately, itโ€™ll only support Android and iOS since my laptop died.

With this amazing shader, you are gonna experience realism, but itโ€™s the first version, and I didnโ€™t have much time to develop it properly. It contains some bugs, and I apologise for that. I hope you will subscribe to my channel so that, in the future, these bugs will get fixed, and you will get a much more realistic experience in this shader.

This shader will provide you with a stunning environment color scheme, with raymarched clouds, lightning, and amazing water, not to forget block reflections too, and it will even provide you with emissive maps.


  • LinLin [SunTime]
  • Robobo 1221 [Clouds, Atmosphere]



Shasvat Shader Extreme: Screenshot 1

Shasvat Shader Extreme: Screenshot 2

Shasvat Shader Extreme: Screenshot 3

Shasvat Shader Extreme: Screenshot 4

Shasvat Shader Extreme: Screenshot 5

Shasvat Shader Extreme: Screenshot 6

Shasvat Shader Extreme: Screenshot 7

Shasvat Shader Extreme: Screenshot 8

Shasvat Shader Extreme: Screenshot 9

Shasvat Shader Extreme: Screenshot 10

Shasvat Shader Extreme: Screenshot 11


Shasvat Shader High: Screenshot 1

Shasvat Shader High: Screenshot 2

Shasvat Shader High: Screenshot 3

Shasvat Shader High: Screenshot 4

Shasvat Shader High: Screenshot 5

Shasvat Shader High: Screenshot 6

Shasvat Shader High: Screenshot 7

Shasvat Shader High: Screenshot 8

Shasvat Shader High: Screenshot 9


Shasvat Shader Medium: Screenshot 1

Shasvat Shader Medium: Screenshot 2

Shasvat Shader Medium: Screenshot 3

Shasvat Shader Medium: Screenshot 4

Shasvat Shader Medium: Screenshot 5

Shasvat Shader Medium: Screenshot 6

Shasvat Shader Medium: Screenshot 7

Shasvat Shader Medium: Screenshot 8

Shasvat Shader Medium: Screenshot 9


  • Atmosphere Scattering
  • Volumetric Clouds & Raymarching [Extreme and High]
  • Block Reflections and Specular
  • Atmosphere-Based Lightning
  • New Water Waves with Normals
  • Depth Detection and Caustics [Extreme, High]
  • Emissive Maps
  • Improved AO
  • New Coloring Scheme and More...


If you don't know how to install shaders on Renderdragon please visit the link given below. Just copy and paste this link into the new tab.

Tutorial link:


This is all for today. I hope you will download this shader and enjoy it from the bottom of your heart. Feel free to share any bugs.

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  1.  profile avatarEnsyve profile avatar Ensyve
    I don't think is for low phone ,is more for pc
    1. Bruh why? It isn't even made for pc ๐Ÿ™ƒ