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Nice to see you on my texture pack page! This pack will replace the textures of the iron golem with 45 different textures of the stone golem, the appearance of which will be completely randomized. To get a specific golem texture, you can use a specific name on nametag.

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Golem textures

Below are all versions of the texture pack. Newer versions include older releases, meaning 2.0 includes textures from both 1.5 and 1.0!

Moss Variants:

This includes 27 new iron golem variations that are a part of spawn randomization but also obtainable by using specific nametags. Get the following textures using these steps:

  • Head Types - Slabbed & Helmeted (skip this for the default head type)
  • Golem Overlay - Mossy
  • Golem Types - Stone Golem, Dark Golem, and Light Golem
  • Moss Levels - 1, 2, and 3

Some examples of naming: 'Mossy Dark Golem 3', 'Helmeted Mossy Light Golem 1', 'Slabbed Mossy Golem 2'.

Sample models:

Mossy light golem types. Mossy stone golem types. Mossy dark golem types.

Newly Added Variants (v2.0):

These golem versions are also part of the overall randomization, you can get certain looks using the following name tags:

  • 'Azalea Golem'
  • 'Horned Azalea Golem'
  • 'Copper Golem'
  • 'Horned Copper Golem'
  • 'Brown Mushroom Golem'
  • 'Red Mushroom Golem'
  • 'Horned Dark Golem'
  • 'Horned Light Golem'
  • 'Sculk Golem'

Different types of new golem textures.

Updated on February 17

  • Now Available for Java Edition
  • Some Description Changes
  • New Pack Thumbnail
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