Sisso Kassem's Better Mobs

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Better mobs is a functional texture pack which makes animations and sound effects better, like heck, even villagers talk, but actually they do which is cool, we may have some things that look like in APLUS, but it's all reworked fixed and unbugged.

Better Mobs

By @sissokassem

One of the best texture packs!

Has just about as much as you can ask for!

For example, better animation for mobs players, everything, changed all voices to sound realistic, made villagers and pillagers talk!


Yk what this is, don't lie.

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Sisso kassemโ„ข



  1. Fixed crashing
  2. Fixed no animation
  3. Fixed inaudible sounds
  4. Changed GUI
  5. Added better crosshair
  6. Added visual enchanted books
  7. Fixed fire not showing
  8. Fixed visible ores
  9. Changed GUI
  10. Added better crosshair
  11. Added visual enchanted books
  12. Fixed fire not showing
  13. Fixed visible ores
  14. Redstone tips
  15. Bow and crossbow indicator
  16. Offhand slot
  17. Low fire
  18. Player health indicator
  19. All particles changed
  20. Rain water splashes EVERYTHING
  21. Icon changed
  22. UI changed
  23. Armor not showing fixed
  24. Changed voice of (animals, cave, portals, steps, weather, blocks, damage, fireworks, minecarts, liquid)
  25. AMBIENT realistic gameplay sounds
  26. Realistic ambient cave sounds which are like dripping water, etc
  27. Villagers talking
  28. Pillagers talking
  29. Better UI
  30. Better GUI


Sisso Kassem's Better Mobs: Screenshot 1

Sisso Kassem's Better Mobs: Screenshot 2

Sisso Kassem's Better Mobs: Screenshot 3

Sisso Kassem's Better Mobs: Screenshot 4

Sisso Kassem's Better Mobs: Screenshot 5

Sisso Kassem's Better Mobs: Screenshot 6

Sisso Kassem's Better Mobs: Screenshot 7



(For technical reasons, it only works with experimental features: Molang features)

  • Adds subtitles to the game, which help locate lava pools, mobs, caves, etc.



  • Adds a lot of interesting ways to freelook in Minecraft.

Updated on May 06


  • Bug fixes
  • Name changed
  • Icon changed
  • Fixed crashing
  • Mod menu extension
  • Better UI
  • Better GUI
Changelog for April 10 / Old Update
  • Fixed all additional bugs which were not fixed in V15
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