Better Days Played

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Are you tired of the Days Played display in Minecraft? Use this resource pack to make the Days Played text simpler and more responsive across all UI types.

Show Days Played needs to be enabled for the resource pack to work!

Show Days Played: ON

Note: Because it requires the "Show Days Played" option to be enabled, I don't think it can be used on servers that are not yours.

  • Responsive "Days Played" text:

Better Days Played: Screenshot 1

Better Days Played: Screenshot 2

Better Days Played: Screenshot 3

Better Days Played: Screenshot 4

Terms of Use

By downloading, using or interacting in any way with this add-on, you agree to the following terms:

  • No Derivates. You can remix, adapt or build upon the add-on as long as it is for private use (this means that you may not publish or distribute it anywhere).
  • Non-Commercial. You may not monetise, sell, or profit from the add-on in any way.
  • Redistribution. You may not redistribute or republish the add-on.
  • Sharing. You may not share the direct download link or any user-made link of the add-on. Use the official ModBay link.
  • Attribution. You may give proper credit if any of the add-on contents (UI, files, etc.) appear in your content, such as videos.
  • No bundling. You may not include the add-on files or snippets from them in other add-ons. You may, however, provide a link to the add-on’s official ModBay page.

If you are a content creator wanting to showcase this texture/addon, please use the link to this page. If you use a direct link, I will take down your video.

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