Newb X RTX Shader v1.1 | Support RenderDragon (Compatible With 1.21+ Apk Patch)

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As the name suggests, this is a variant (created by Ale Graphics) of the newb shader (created by VeteranDev). Why does it have this name? Well, simple, this is a common shader that can run any device, but it has the name RTX because it is based on my favorite RTX package, so don't think that it is necessary to have an RTX to run this shader from renderdragon, because it is not like that, CAN BE USED ON ANY DEVICE!

Official Release

Check out the official trailer to learn more about this shader. Also by watching this video you are helping me.


  • Skies similar to those of an RTX package.
  • Beautiful sunset and sunrise.
  • Reflection of the sky on the ground.
  • Water with realistic waves.
  • Lighting a little similar to that of the RTX.
  • RTX-style volumetric clouds.
  • Beautiful nights and days.
  • Shooting stars and northern lights.
  • Movement in plants, crops, lanterns...
  • Colorful environment based on my favorite RTX package.
  • Variety of shiny blocks.
  • Water depths with sun rays.
  • Lite version.
  • Sun rays.

Newb X RTX

This is the default version.

  • Sunset:

Sunset: Screenshot

  • Sunrise:

Sunrise: Screenshot

  • Day:

Day: Screenshot

  • Water:

Water: Screenshot

  • Underwater:

Underwater: Screenshot

  • Night:

Night: Screenshot

  • Lighting similar to Java:

Lighting similar to Java: Screenshot

  • Crimson Forest:

Crimson Forest: Screenshot

  • End City:

End City: Screenshot

  • Shiny Blocks:

Shiny Blocks: Screenshot


This is the Lite version, it eliminates water movement, trees and clouds by default in Minecraft for better optimization.

  • Sunset:

(LITE) Sunset: Screenshot

  • Sunrise:

(LITE) Sunrise: Screenshot

  • Day:

(LITE) Day: Screenshot

  • Water:

(LITE) Water: Screenshot

  • Night:

(LITE) Night: Screenshot

  • Illumination:

(LITE) Illumination: Screenshot


  • One other little thing I forgot to mention, Newb X RTX is in name only and because it is based on an RTX package, you don't need to have an RTX to use this variant, you can run it on any device.
  • To avoid bad comments, it doesn't work... Write to my Discord and I will give you tutorials on how to install the shader in the version you want.
  • Patched Minecraft apk 1.21 or 1.20.80 - 1.20.81 needed to support RenderDragon shaders.
  • This shader has a beta version for Minecraft Patched 1.20.80+ fully functional, but the only apk of that version has many errors, so please, if the shader does not work for you, avoid comments like "It doesn't work" because if it works, it's just the apk of that version that has errors.
  • If you are on Windows, you need BetterRenderDragon v1.4.3
  • This shader is only compatible with Android and Windows, if this shader has good support, I will make it compatible with iOS.
  • Use this ModBay link if you want to share this shader.
  • Please do not create another link for this shader.
  • This shader may not be supported on some devices, if so, tell me about the error on my Discord.
  • As I mentioned in the description, this is a custom variant based on the Newb shader codes.
  • Please avoid comments like "It does not work" or "It does not load" because if it works, it has been tested on multiple devices, if it does not work, you are making a mistake. Read well the notes; there are all the requirements needed to run the shader.
  • Newb Shader Repository


Updated on June 28

Newb X RTX v1.1

  • The error of white lines on plants and broken minerals has been eliminated.
  • The color of the water has been changed.
  • Better sun rays.
  • Increased reflection effect on the surface.
  • The Lite version was more optimized, eliminating movement of water and trees, clouds due to defects.
  • Optimization improvements in both versions.
Download links
Newb X RTX - Android v1.21+
Newb X RTX LITE - Android v1.21
Newb X RTX - Windows v1.21
Newb X RTX LITE - Windows v1.21
Supported versions
1.21.0 1.20.80
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