Unique Spawn Eggs v1.5

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Hello and welcome to another Bedorck port that I made, named "Unique Spawn Eggs." This was created by Gouchnox for Java Edition and was ported by me to Bedrock Edition. Unique Spawn Eggs is a resource pack that gives every spawn egg the face of its respective mob, making them easily recognizable in the creative inventory.


Owner's Permission

Permission from Gouchnox

NOTE (from Parzival_): Copyright does not apply to bedrock porting. We, the bedrock porters, put in the effort to make a Java Edition resource pack or mod available for Bedrock Edition players to enjoy and keeping the credits for the owner at the same time.

Animal spawn eggs

Monster spawn eggs

Water mobs spawn eggs

Villagers and Pillagers spawn eggs

Nether monsters spawn eggs

In-game screenshot:

Spawn eggs with icons in the inventory

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Updated on July 28

Version 1.5 Changelog:

  • Updated the Vex spawn egg to match its new model
  • The new Iron Golem, Snow Golem, Ender Dragon and Wither spawn eggs use the textures that were already added in pack version v1.2
  • Added Camel spawn egg
  • Fixed Polar Bear spawn egg
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Java Edition pack
Supported versions
1.20.0 1.19.0 1.18.0 1.17.0 1.16