The Great Hunger Resource Pack

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A blast from the past… 2017 to be specific, The Great Hunger has arrived… to Bedrock Edition. The original pack was from Java Edition and was ported by Parzival_ for us, the Bedrock players.


To get The Great Hunger, just name an ocelot “The Great Hunger” with a name tag. There are also 4 unique styles by creepermax123. Just name an ocelot the respective following names: “The Dripstone Hunger”, “The Rooted Hunger”, “The Sandy Hunger” and “The Amethyst Hunger”.

The Great Hunger variants

The Amethyst Great Hunger

The Sandy Great Hunger

The Rooted Great Hunger

The Dripstone Great Hunger

The Great Hunger

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Supported versions
1.19.0 1.18.0 1.17.0