The Ty-el's Settings Overlay UI Pack - THE LEGENDARY COMEBACK! (1.20.40+ only)

Thumbnail: The Ty-el's Settings Overlay UI Pack - THE LEGENDARY COMEBACK! (1.20.40+ only)

The Ty-el's Settings Overlay UI Pack is a small UI treatment pack for Vanilla UI, unlike other UI packs, this pack adds some magical screen properties and tweaks to the in-game Settings Screen to get the Camera Perspective toggle on the HUD (YES!), FOV slider (it’s ZOOM in vanilla with no mods!), and more! The pack only works for devices with touch capabilities and is compatible with almost every texture pack in the world too!


Creator: @tlgm2308 (X (Twitter))

Permission for ModBay:

tlgm2308's Permission for ModBay

Important Notices

Read carefully before downloading and using, or you won’t use the pack correctly!

  • This version of the pack requires Minecraft v1.20.40 or higher! It technically could work on older versions of the game, but I can’t guarantee the compatibility of Spectator Mode because Spectator Mode did not exist in older versions, and it needs to be older than v1.19.10 (versions between v1.19.10 and v1.20.32 will break the pack).
  • IMPORTANT! Due to yet another game bug that can’t be fixed by resource packs where the game won’t register any UI inputs in the HUD while in Spectator Mode, I need to temporarily disable the Settings Overlay in Spectator Mode. A warning dialog will appear if the player enters Spectator Mode, with instructions on how to exit Spectator mode. I had a workaround for that issue, there is an extremely experimental flag "$allow_settings_overlay_always_accepts_input” inside the config file “/ui/_global_variables.json” that allows you to exit Spectator mode from Pause Screen, but it’s extremely buggy, and that’s why I didn’t add it to the main pack as of now.
  • This pack is made only for devices with Touch capabilities, it can be on your phone (iOS or Android...), tablet, or PC with Touch supports, etc.
  • It’s not recommended to use this pack on low-end devices since this pack’s purpose is to render the whole settings screen on the HUD, every single element inside the Settings Screen needs to be pre-rendered, and therefore it will affect the performance by a lot.
  • It’s a little bugged when using “Customize Touch Controls” while having the Settings Overlay pack activated, although it still works fine with minor visual bugs. Make sure after you close “Customize Touch Controls”, you also close Settings Overlay and close Pause Screen to let the game resolve all visual UI issues before reopening Settings Overlay again.
  • Some settings won’t be applied until you close Settings Overlay, you may need to close Settings and reopen again to apply all changed settings.
  • You can freely close the Settings Overlay after a period of time to make sure the performance won’t affect your gameplay. Make sure you don’t attempt to open multiple “Settings Overlay” at the same time, or you might experience worse performance, slowly~

Showcase Video

(Music credits are in description of this video)

How to use?

  • It’s very easy to use! Make sure you are inside a world, or a realm, or a server, tap the Pause button to open the Pause Menu.

Pause Menu

  • Then tap on the “Enable Settings Overlay” button. (It was the “Settings” button, so in case of needing to enter the original Settings Screen, you need to press that. It could be “Settings”, or “Options”, depending on your applied resource packs.)
  • (Wait a bit, it can take a little bit of time the first time you open it in a world session, but not too long...)

Settings Overlay enabled successfully!

  • The toast message “Settings Overlay enabled successfully!” will popup and 2 new buttons will appear at the top of the HUD.
  • The first button at the leftmost is the “Camera Perspective” toggle. (Or more familiar, the F5 button!) You can freely change your camera perspective when playing!

New Buttons

Animated GIF of Camera Perspective Toggle

Animated GIF of Camera Perspective toggle

  • The second button at the rightmost is the “Quick Settings Menu” button. You can directly access some certain features right inside the menu, including:

Quick Settings Menu Button

Quick Settings Menu

  • Gamemode Switcher! Note that this will change only your “personal game mode”. Note: You need to have “Allow Cheats” enabled in world settings and have permissions in order to access this.
  • FOV slider! You can now “zoom” in Minecraft with customized strength!
  • “Content Log History” button, good for content creators! Note: You need to have the “Enable Content Log GUI” option enabled in Settings/Creator in order to access this.
  • “Show Settings” button to access the full original Settings Screen!
  • The “X” button next to the “Show Settings” button to close and exit Settings Overlay.


Starting from v1.1.1, players can customize size, offset and even transparency of Settings Overlay buttons and components. To customize, open the "/ui/_global_variables.json" file in any text editor app, find the "Overlay Components Customization" section. Customize any variables you need and then save it! This feature was made to deal with various screen resolutions and GUI scales and resulted in imperfect top buttons' size and offsets.

Note: All anchors' origins [ 0, 0 ] (used for "anchor_from" and "anchor_to") are ALWAYS within Screen Safe Area.

List of all customizable components:

  • Camera Perspective toggle.
  • More Options/Settings toggle.
  • Quick Settings panel (sizing is not supported).
  • "Escape Spectator" toggle (only available when "$allow_settings_overlay_always_accepts_input" is enabled).

Here's an example of the Camera Perspective toggle moved to the top right of the screen, with larger button size:

Custom Camera Perspective Toggle

Sample code snippet

Sample Code Snippet

Resource Pack Compatibility

The Ty-el's Settings Overlay UI Pack is made to be compatible with almost every single texture pack in the world! But make sure you put my Settings Overlay pack below all those packs.

It can be like this:

Resource Pack Compatibility: Global Resources Menu

Known Issues

  • Once you enter the world, you won't get the Settings Overlay feature automatically enabled, you need to enable it manually. This is impossible to make automated, maybe a small external macro can help?
  • You will always see the D-Pad or control buttons when inside the in-game Settings Screen, that’s the main purpose of the Settings Overlay pack, and it can’t be fixed.
  • Settings Overlay will automatically disappear once you trigger the “Entering the Nether” or “Entering the End” screens or after you leave your world(s). This is impossible to fix, and you need to manually enable the settings overlay again later.

Terms of Use

You are FREE to:

  • Make contents about this pack as long as you credit me or the correct download link
  • Modify my pack for personal uses, but you are not allowed to redistribute your modified versions of my pack

You are NOT ALLOWED to:

  • Use, or claim any of my code and use as your own, without permissions, please, please respect my hard works ;-;
  • Re-upload this pack to different sites without proper permissions from me (Currently only on ModBay and MCPEDL)
  • Make contents about this pack but without proper credits or provide different direct download links other than from ModBay or MCPEDL, including link shorteners and direct download links

Final Notes

If you found any bugs, or feedback about this pack, let me know on my X (formerly known as Twitter, why) and Discord with the same username @tlgm2308.

Special Thanks to

Pack Translators:

  • 日本語 (日本) - @nattsuiy (X)
  • 中文 (简体) - niganma (Discord)
  • Українська (Україна) - uacreeper (Discord)

Pack Testers:

  • niganma (Discord)

Updated on March 03

(Release Date: February 29th 2024, Published to MCPEDL on March 3rd 2024)


  • Realm owners can use Settings Overlay properly now!
  • NEW! You can now resize and move Settings Overlay buttons and components to anywhere you want! And their transparencies as well! Check the _global_variables.json file inside the "ui" folder of the pack for more info!
  • Added "$is_tyel_settings_overlay" global variable for compatibility with other packs if needed.
  • Added "$disable_spectator_mode_dialog" global variable, set this to "true" will permanently hide the "Spectator Mode: Read Before Continuing" dialog, set this variable to "true" if players can't interact with the "Dismiss" button in the "Spectator Mode: Read Before Continuing" dialog or don't want to see that dialog again.
  • Settings Screens won't be shown if there is another Settings Screen visible on top anymore.
  • Added an instruction to the "Spectator Mode: Read Before Continuing" dialog on how to dismiss the dialog.
  • Tweaked the button background of Gamemode Switcher toggles when pressed to match Java Edition.
  • Changed the translations of Gamemode Switcher toggles to be more consistent.
  • Various translation changes for Chinese (Simplified) (Thanks, niganma (Discord)!) and Ukrainian (Thanks, uacreeper (Discord)!).




It was just 10 days to turn the old Settings Overlay pack (v1.0.0) from usable to completely unusable in the latest stable version (which was the version 1.19.10), and I was suffered that, why it broke so quickly... After a little more than a year later since the initial release, version 1.20.40 of Minecraft introduced the “Customizable Controls (Experimental)” feature for Touch controls. It changed a lot of touch settings and realized that the tiny issue in pause screen I see every day, is gone. And I suddenly revisited the abandoned Settings Overlay pack, with some small changes, it surprisingly worked again! And that’s why this update is here, with even more quality-of-life features, and bug fixes!

  • Retextured all custom Settings Overlay buttons to match all other top buttons’ new look and feel.
  • NEW! Quick Settings menu, which replaced the Show Settings and Close Settings Overlay buttons, but both buttons are moved to the bottom of the Quick Settings menu, and, there’s more…

 + NEW! Gamemode Switcher, similar to the same Gamemode Switcher (F3+F4 menu) on Minecraft Java.
 + NEW! FOV slider, it’s ZOOM slider but on bedrock!
 + NEW! Content Log History button, good for content creators to debug!

  • I’m glad to say that Settings Overlay now works on any touch control modes, yes, finally, you can now enjoy Settings Overlay on any of your preferred control modes!
  • Reduced the time to load Settings Overlay by adding just a little tweak to screen properties!
  • Settings screen content toggle now works on safe zone areas.
  • You can now interact with the original Settings screen without interacting with the world in the background, but it’s still bugged when interacting with dropdown backgrounds, please note that in order to close dropdowns, you need to press an item on it, and not their background.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using Settings Overlay on Realms (hopefully)
  • Further optimized in codes and performances, it feels more stable now.

And that’s everything in this “resurrected from the dead” update, I'm really sorry, players, I hope you like this update... ;-;

Download links
Tyel Settings Overlay v1.1.1[mcpack, 58.34 Kb]
Ty-el Settings Overlay v1.1.1 [Bstlar]
Supported versions
1.20.60 1.20.50 1.20.40
54 904