Capybara Resource Pack

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This pack was created by Cheharka for Java Edition and was ported by Parzival_ to Bedrock Edition. This texture pack replaces the pigs with capybaras! With 3 different texture variants.

This Pack Includes:

  • 3 Capybara variants
  • Pig Entity Name (Now Capybara)
  • Renamed Pig Spawn Egg (Now Capybara Spawn Egg)
  • Capybara Sounds!
  • Renamed Pig Achievement (Now โ€œWhen Capybaras Flyโ€)

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Owner's Permission

Cheharka permission for Capybara Resource Pack

NOTE (from Parzival_): Copyright does not apply to bedrock porting. We, the bedrock porters, put in the effort to make a Java Edition resource pack or mod available for Bedrock Edition players to enjoy and keeping the credits for the owner at the same time.

Capybara Variants

Capybara with flower

Capybara with fruit

Default Capybara

Some Screenshots

Capybaras with a resource pack

Capybara variants

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