Recrafted Hostile Mobs

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This pack, named โ€œRecrafted Hostile Mobsโ€, was originally made by GillsBills for the Java Edition and was ported by Parzival_ to the Bedrock Edition. This pack is a part of the Recrafted Mobs Pack and this is the first step of porting this big java resource pack. Once Parzival_ done porting the mobs by each category, he will compile them all into one pack to make the official recrafted mobs Bedrock port.

The ultimate resource pack that adds your favorite mobs from the Minecraft Universe is now available in Bedrock Edition!

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These include most mobs from the following games:

  • Minecraft Legends (WIP)
  • Minecraft Dungeons/Dungeons Arcade
  • Minecraft Earth
  • Mob/Biome Votes
  • Education Edition

These mob variants all can be renamed to their appropriate skin and can spawn naturally.

Mob Models & Nametags:


Screenshot of mobs with Recrafted Hostile Mobs pack

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