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A UI pack that not only does it show the potion recipes in hierarchy, but it also shows some information for each potion.

Important: Read carefully before download and use!

By @CrisXolt


A UI pack that not only does it show the potion recipes in hierarchy, but it also shows some information for each potion.


  • A complete potion recipe hierarchy based on official Wiki article, directly on the left side of the main Brewing Stand panel.
  • You can press buttons on each potion so that it only shows information, not just for normal potions! ;D
  • It can be used in both the Classic UI and Pocket UI. Compatible with other resource packs (without modified UI of course), even those from the marketplace.
  • It is also compatible with latest version of VDX UI, Animated RGB GUI, and Old Days UI. Just make sure to place Brewing Guide UI Pack higher than others.


Classic UI with Default Textures GUI (Original):

New Brewing Stand UI with Classic mode

Pocket UI:

New Brewing Stand UI with Pocket mode

Classic UI with Light GUI (Wiki style):

New Brewing Stand UI with WIKI style

Classic UI with Dim Night Mode GUI:

New Brewing Stand UI with Dim Night mode

Classic UI with Animated RGB GUI:

New Brewing Stand UI with Animated RGB

You can change styles from subpacks options, just make sure you restart the game after the changes.

Brewing Guide UI pack settings

And how to use the Guide UI with other resource packs?

It's easy, just place it on top of another resource pack (also with VDX UI or Old Days UI).

Activated Brewing Guide UI pack

Upcoming features for next versions:

  • Anvil Guide UI and more things!

Terms of use:

Youโ€™re allowed to:

  • Make review about this pack, as long as you credit me as โ€œ@CrisXoltโ€. And put the original download link in the description (Only this post on the ModBay forum, NO Mediafire).

Youโ€™re NOT allowed to:

  • Make customized APK/APPX and monetized content (pirate modifications), no one will have the permission.
  • Steal my .JSON and .UIDX file and my code design claiming this work as your, no one will have the permission. Specially not modify/erase the text in the first line UI data in each .json file. (Example text: //File Made/Modified by @CrisXolt).
  • Repost this resource pack made by me in other pages, no one will have the permission.
  • Do not use for third-party projects, much less to merge with "Concept Clients" resource packs, no one will have the permission.



v1.3.0 [22 May 2023] (1.19.80 and 1.20.0 beta/preview)


  • Added compatibility for Animated RGB Inv. GUI, especially for pocket UI.
  • Added dynamic item animation panel for Mundane Potion recipe.


  • Updated for v1.19.80 and v1.20.0 preview versions.
  • The guide panel is now hidden by default, you must click the toggle on top right.
  • The width size of the brewing guide for the classic UI now has a value of 160.
  • The top tab for each category is now centered and with the black button design.
  • Hover text now follows the cursor, only if it is not on the touch device.


  1. In the [Bstlar.], complete just one simple step ("Click on Ad"), wait 15 seconds, close the page, and then click "Unlock Content".
  2. After this, the Mediafire page will appear, click the download green button to get the file.
  3. Open .mcpack to launch Minecraft and import resource pack automatically.
  4. Settings > Global Resources > Apply the resource pack.
  5. Enjoy with the guide UI for Brewing Stand! ;D

Special Thanks:

@LukasPAH for making item_aux calculations possible for item rendering in UI.

Final note:

Seriously, those default .json UI files is made originally by Mojang and Microsoft, actually are modified by me for entertainment purposes.

Just enjoy and good luck! ;D

Download links
[Bstlar.] Brewing Guide UI v1.3.0 (Main)
Supported versions
1.20.0 1.19.80
1 100
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  1. Can you make it work with custom Potions Please.