Better Skeletons

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Better Skeletons texture pack is made by creepermax123 for Java Edition and now was ported by Parzival_ to Bedrock Edition. There are Jungle Skeletons, Swamp Skeletons, Snowy Skeletons, Nether Skeletons, Desert Skeletons, Badlands Skeletons, Savanna Skeletons, Dripstone Skeletons, Lush Skeletons, Skeletons with Robes, Skwiglins (Skeleton + Piglin) and Skillagers (Skeleton + illager).

There are also different Strays And Wither Skeletons.

This pack includes:

  • 96 Skeleton Variants
  • 7 Stray Variants
  • 9 Wither Skeleton Variants

Version differences

The addon has three versions: Experimental, Lite and Full. What are the differences?

  • Experimental version adds Biome Dependency for Skeletons Variants
  • In the Lite and Full versions, skeletons don't depend on biomes
  • Lite version:
    • 6 Normal Skeleton Variants
    • 7 Stray Variants
    • 9 Wither Skeleton Variants

Normal Skeletons

The back of Normal Skeletons


Due to the limitations and unavailability of Optifine for Bedrock, biome dependency is currently unavailable since it's impossible without using a behavior pack.


Badlands Skeletons

Savanna Skeletons

Lush Skeletons

Dripstone Skeletons

Nether Skeletons

Snowy Skeletons

Desert Skeletons

Swamp Skeletons

Jungle Skeletons

Mud Skeletons

Birch Skeletons

Dark Oak Skeletons

Taiga Skeletons

Mycelium Skeletons

Flower Skeletons

Wither Skeleton

Wither Skeletons 1

Wither Skeletons 2

Wither Skeletons 3

Wither Skeletons 4

Wither Skeletons 5


Stray skeletons 1

Stray skeletons 2

Stray skeletons 3

Updated on September 15

  • Added Experimental version that includes biome dependency for skeleton variants
  • New Thumbnail
  • New Pack Icon
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