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Thumbnail: The Copper Golem

The Copper Golem

The Copper Golem has won the vote... Just kidding, But with this resource pack you can forget all about the Allay and welcome the Copper Golem to your world!
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Thumbnail: Loficraft


Welcome to 'Loficraft,' where the captivating fusion of serene lofi beats and Minecraft's pixelated wonders invites you on a magical odyssey.
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Thumbnail: Golems Galore

Golems Galore

Welcome to another bedrock port pack of mine! This pack adds new iron golem texture variants that are randomized upon spawning. You can also get the specific variants using nametags.
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Thumbnail: Pesky Parrots

Pesky Parrots

Minecraft Parrots just got a lot peskier. This pack adds a ton of new parrot colors: amethyst, dark green, dark grey, peach, and teal, all of which have a version with additional colors or
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Thumbnail: Nan2uu Cute Armor

Nan2uu Cute Armor

Hello! Welcome to another pack submission of mine. This pack, named "Nan2uu Cute Armor", contains high level armor, which are designed not to block your character's skin!