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Nico's Item Expansion (v1.6)

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This add-on will add more food, drinks, weapon, armor, and other miscellaneous item that may be useful for your survival game. Plus, new table, pot and recipes for un-craftable item.


Video Trailer: Nico's Item Expansion (v1.0) | Minecraft Mod


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Additional Recipes



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  • Missing Textures - usually occur in Console / PC, try to put the add-on pack on the top of your global resources.
  • This add-on will work on the Realm/Server, just make sure you install and enable all the experimental gameplay options correctly.
  • This add-on may only compatible with Minecraft version 1.19.50 or higher.
  • This add-on is not tested on Beta & Preview version of Minecraft, so expect some bugs if you are using those versions.
  • This add-on is COMPATIBLE with other add-ons.
  • Remove the old packs before installing the new version of the packs.
  • If you make a review, gameplay, or showcase about this add-on, please don't forget to give a credit or put the original link (this MODBAY page).
  • Do not provide the direct link (mediafire) or any other download link that I didn't provided.


Known Bugs

Download Guide

  1. Click the download option below "Nico's Item Expansion (v1.6) [BP]". It will lead you to the Boostellar site.
  2. In Boostellar site, find and click the "Click on Ad".
  3. An ads articles will pop up. After 10 seconds, just go back or close the ad page.
  4. On Boostellar site again, find and click the "Unlock content". This will proceed you to the Mediafire site.
  5. On Mediafire click the download button to download the file.

Installation Guide!

  • Make sure that you install both the behavior and resource pack of the add-on in your world.
  • Don't forget to turn on all of these experimental gameplay options:

Required experiments for the Nico's Item Expansion addon

  • Aternos server installation:

Nico's Item Expansion installation on the Aternos

  • You must enable all of these experimental options before entering your world:

Nico's Item Expansion experiments on the Aternos server

Download the both "Behavior Pack [BP]" and "Resource Pack [RP]".

Updated on July 29

Version: 1.6

New Additional & Changes


  • Updated for compatibility with Minecraft version 1.20.


  • Empty Jar can now be filled using a Bamboo Tumbler with Milk.
  • Spore Pot selection box are now fixed.


  • Fixed the bug where repairing the custom equipments with the same item it will come out with full durability. They were now repaired base on both item's remaining durability.
  • Chain Links can now be smelted to become Iron Nugget.
  • Seagrass Stew - nutrition is decreased from 3 to 1.
  • Seagrass Stew - nausea effect chance is increased.


  • Added 1 new Calcite Chunk recipe on Stonecutter.
  • Added 1 new Iron Nugget recipe by furnace the Chain Links.
  • Gold and Iron Nugget recipe output on Artifacture Table are increased to 4 count.