Leaf Essentials | V0.1.2 ALPHA

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Leaf Essentials is a new essentials addon. It is based on my other addon called Azalea Essentials. This is a full rewrite (and currently in alpha, so it will be missing a lot of things, and there may be some bugs.


Chest GUI

Chest GUI: Screenshot 1

You can create custom chest guis using Leaf Essentials:

Chest GUI: Screenshot 2

Chest GUI: Screenshot 3

When editing the GUI, you will see this. You can click "Edit items" to edit the contents of the chest gui, and "Edit properties" to edit other settings.

Chest GUI: Screenshot 4

From here, you can edit the items:

Chest GUI: Screenshot 5

All icon IDs can be found here!

You can open your gui by doing /scriptevent leaf:open <gui>

UI Builder

UI Builder: Screenshot 1

UI Builder: Screenshot 2

You can also make normal GUIs using leaf essentials!

You can open your gui by doing /scriptevent leaf:open <gui>

UI Builder: Screenshot 3

Click "Edit buttons" to edit the buttons, and "Edit form" to edit other settings:

UI Builder: Screenshot 4

UI Builder: Screenshot 5

Sidebar editor

Sidebar Editor: Screenshot 1

Sidebar Editor: Screenshot 2

Sidebar Editor: Screenshot 3

Sidebar Editor: Screenshot 4

You can use frames to animate the sidebar


  • use {{score objective}} to show a score
  • use [@username] to show the players name
  • use <rank> to show the players rank

You can switch between sidebars by doing /tag <player> add "sidebar:sidebar name". The default will always be the one first in the list.

Chat ranks

Chat Ranks: Screenshot

Adding ranks: /tag <player> add "rank:text"

Removing ranks: /tag <player> remove "rank:text"

Download links
LeafV0.1.2[mcaddon, 11.69 Mb]
Discord Server
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