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Are you looking for an add-on for Minecraft? Bored of mining and not seeing ores in deep caves? If so, this addon is for you! making the ores more visible.

Add-on Overview

  • Non Experimental Addon.

New Reinforced Enchantment Table.

Reinforced Enchantment Table Recipe

Reinforced Enchantment Table: Demonstration

How To Use The New Enchantment Table

Reinforced Enchantment Table: Usage

Select Your Book: First, hit the enchanting table with the book you want to use.

Select Your Item: Then, hit the table again with the item you want to enchant.

Books Level Stacking

If the item already has the same enchantment and level as the book and does not exceed the maximum level, the enchantment will level up, just like using an anvil.

Obtaining New Enchantments

Enchanted Book in the Chest

New enchantments can be found frequently in any chest in structures around the world.

Sword Enchantments

Soul Fire

Soul Fire: Demonstration

When hitting a mob, it will burn with a blue fire of souls. This fire does not inflict as much damage as normal fire but slows down mobs and can ignite those immune to common fire. Each level increases the fire's duration, with a total of 2 levels.

Sweeping Edge

Sweeping Edge: Demonstration

Attacking a mob inflicts area damage to nearby mobs. Each level increases the damage, with a total of 3 levels.

Pickaxe Enchantments


Smelting: Demonstration

Mined metallic ores and sand are automatically smelted (works with both Shovel and Pickaxe). Level 2 has the added bonus of a chance to yield more items.

Deep Breaker

Deep Breaker: Demonstration

Mining stone (including End Stone or Netherrack) while sneaking will mine in a 3x3 area from the block you broke. Each level increases the speed of breaking the 3x3 area.

Helmet Enchantments

Glowing Aura

Glowing Aura Demonstration

Emits light around you, which intensifies with each level. This enchantment has 2 levels.

Chestplate Enchantments


Vitality: Demonstration

This increases the maximum health by 2 hearts for each level. It has 5 levels and is compatible with elytras.

Boots Enchantments

Double Jump

Double Jump: Demonstration

Allows you to double jump. Each level increases the height of the double jump, with a total of 2 levels.

Elytra Enchantments

Wind Charge

Wind Charge: Demonstration

Each time you jump to glide, you get a boost. The maximum level is 2.

Shield Enchantments

Shield Spikes

Applies damage to mobs that attack you in melee. Each level increases the damage by 1.5, with a total of 2 levels.

Crossbow Enchantments

Fire Charge

Ignites your arrows.

Updated on July 22

  • Double Jump enchantment grants slow falling for a few seconds when jumping.
  • Deep Breaker enchantment is more lag-friendly and works with silk touch.
Changelog for April 29 / Old Update
  • Fixed dropping of enchanted books on an active enchanted table.
  • Only compatibility with 1.20.40+ & 1.20.80+
  • Increased the rate and chance to get new enchanted books in structures.
Changelog for January 25 / Old Update
  • Fixed Bugs Enchanting
  • Added New Enchantments
  • Added Glowing Aura, Slime Falling And Mining Speed
  • Only Compatibility With 1.20.40+ & 1.20.50+
Changelog for December 03 / Old Update
  • Added new enchantments.
  • Only compatible with 1.20.40+
  • Experimental features are no longer needed.
  • No player.json, compatible with other tools such as hammers, and other types of vanilla tools.
  • Reworked the entire addon.
Changelog for August 01 / Old Update
  • Added compatibility with Minecraft 1.20.1+ and 1.20.10+
Changelog for June 26 / Old Update
  • Mobs killed by sweeping edge now drops items and XP.
  • Added compatibility with Minecraft 1.20+
  • Optimized pyro walker enchantment blocks path.
  • Fixed visual bugs with tree chopper and extraction enchantments.
Changelog for June 08 / Old Update
  • Added compatibility with Minecraft 1.19+
  • Fixed visual bugs with tree chopper and extraction enchantments.
  • Mobs killed by sweeping edge now drops items and XP.
  • Increased the light level of soul light enchantment.
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  1. No avatar image Odk
    How to download from curseforge??
    1. No avatar image Bedrock lover
      You need a pc if you have look YouTube there’s a lot of tutorials
  2. No avatar image ousay
    Someone play this pls review me this can work in pe
  3. mortal profile avatar mortal
    i cant use the table nothing comes up when i interact with it.
    1. Bro you need to find the book first, then you use the book to interact on the table, and after that you can interact your tools or armor to get enchanted
  4. Sabiour profile avatar Sabiour
    Is it compatible with other addons?
    1. DG0097 profile avatar DG0097